Lift your spirits up! ‘Therapy Station’ provides you with a multi-therapy of sound, light, aroma and anion at a time.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> We often read news that modern people are living under the mental pressure such as melancholia and insomnia due to a great deal of stress, or anxiety produced by continuing tension. It is said that this kind of mental damages can develop into physical pain or crime in the course of expressing them outward. Physical or mental illness can be an obstacle to social life and, if it is not cured in time, can create a vicious circle. Not everybody is susceptible to stress but most people are living under various stresses in some way or another. So it is very important to relieve all the mental, physical problems which are the produce of stress whenever they appear.

Now we are going to introduce a Health Care Product which is effective in relieving stresses, improving insomnia, melancholia and enhancing concentration by using sound, light, aroma and anion. We, Enfren,(CEO: Suk-jin Kim, Home Page:, are pleased to introduce our product (Model Name: LTK-2000), ‘Therapy Station’. Let us introduce how this health-care product can provide four kinds of multi-therapy by means of sound, light, aroma and anion.

In appearance, our ‘Therapy Station’ looks like a cassette-tape recorder or a CD player that every household used to have in the past. The top arrangement of pointed colors on a white surface will give you a neat and tidy look. On the front, LCD display window is placed at the top while volume switch is placed at the bottom. And on the left and right, it has built-in speaker and anion outlet. On the top, you can will find control buttons (sound therapy, anion, sound option, timer).

You will also find a foldaway LED in the middle, which offers light therapy. On the left and right, you will find power button and on/off button for light therapy, and under the LED, there is an opening for inserting aroma cartridge.

On the right side of the front, there are headphone jack and AUX IN jack for external device (MP3P, PMP etc). On the back, it has power socket for 12V DC. Basic components attached to the main body of Therapy Station includes headset, power adaptor, 3 pieces of aroma essence cartridge, AUX cable and user’s manual.

Due to its superb design and finish, it goes well with any place. It is another strong point our product has that you can use it without caring about people’s attention by the help of speaker and headphone in the open area where many people are gathering.

Therapy Station #1. Sound Therapy

As explained before, Therapy Station provides various kinds of psychotherapy through visual, acoustic and olfactory effects by using sound, light, aroma and anion.

Human brain has some 15 billion brain cells and tens of trillion nerve fibers. ‘Brain wave’ is a minute electric signal produced when information is exchanged between brain cells and nerve fibers. Brain wave can be categorized into four kinds; Beta wave, Alpha wave, Ceta wave, Delta wave.

Among these, ‘Alpha Wave’ is known to be the wave in which human beings feel most comfortable and do the best concentration. Alpha Wave has the amplitude of 8~12Hz which appears when human body and mind is totally relaxed and in harmony. The role of sound therapy is to generate Alpha Wave for the effects of relieving tension and stress as well as improving concentration.

In order to produce Alpha Wave, Therapy Station provides a total of 24 different sounds of 6 categories(CON, MED, SLP, RLX, DEP, BAB) like binaural beat, white noise and natural sounds of birds and water.

White noise, which is the signal having a very constant frequency spectrum in a wide frequency range, does not harm operation efficiency but helps cover the noises of surroundings because it has such a low level of noise as sound of sea waves on a beach or sound of raindrops, which do not have any specific frequency range, to which we can get used easily, not like the case of common noise. It is effective in neutralizing noises, inducing Alpha Wave and in strengthening concentration.

Therapy Station offers an upgraded effect by combining binaural beat, white noise and natural sound of birds and water. If you take a close look at six categories that Therapy Station provides, you will learn that CON is functional in producing white noise which is effective in improving concentration; MED is functional in producing the effect of meditation; SLP is functional in relieving insomnia; RLX is functional in relieving stress and giving rest; DEP is functional in relieving melancholia; BAB is functional in helping mental stability of babies. Our auditory sense has the characteristic of recognizing unconsciously even when we are asleep.

So we can enjoy comfortable sleep despite short hours if we keep Therapy Station turned on while we are asleep because it allows us to have sound sleep by inducing Alpha Wave. The students who are cramming for an examination can get the benefit of improved concentration in their study from white noise.

We actually did a test to confirm the improvement of concentration by switching on CON. Sound of ‘tu-tu-tu’ and white noise of ‘chi-ji-jik’ were mixed together in the early stage and got the feeling that people in the test does not seem to concentrate well but after passing certain moment they could concentrate and does not aware of noises and could sit longer hours for work in front of computers.

Therapy Station has a weak point that sound contents other than the 24 sounds it offers cannot be uploaded through a connection with another PC or external memory devices. It will be a great merit if you could offer contents separately to the customer as much as he wants to use through a connection with external memory.

Therapy Station #2 Light Therapy

People usually feel pleasant when they are exposed to natural light during the day because adrenalin and serotonin is produced and brain is vitalized but become melancholy and nervous during the night as Melatonin hormone is produced.

Therapy Station’s ‘light therapy’ employs the wave length range of 446~477 out of natural light, which helps increase the secretion of serotonin hormone by stimulating the brain. On the other hand, it also helps relieve melancholia and the like by decreasing the secretion of Melatonin hormone. This ‘light therapy’ has proved very effective through a variety of clinical demonstration and became very popular across the world.

On the top of Therapy Station, there is a semicircle light therapy cover. If you lift it up, you can find Blue LED (45 numbers in all) of high luminance, which emits natural light. You can adjust the light therapy cover in three different angles. (As the secretion of hormone is controlled by the amount of light that your eyes receive, you are recommended to read user’s manual to learn how to adjust the angle suitable for you)

You can adjust the brightness of light by controlling the ON/OFF/BRIGHTNESS CONTROL switch on the right. (maximum luminance: 5000 lux). Just as a student uses a light stand for a better concentration, you can use light therapy to improve your concentration or to revitalize your brain. It is also good as a night stand for your bed room.

Therapy Station #3 Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy is widely known as an alternative medicine. Aroma therapy is a way of applying to our senses of smell and touch the aromatic oil which is extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems and seeds of a plant that has beneficial effect on our health. Aroma therapy helps treat a disease, relieve stress and pain and is also good for health and skin care.

At the time of your purchase, Therapy Station provides you with three basic aroma cartridges; Lavender, which is effective for relieving stress and inducing a sound sleep, Rosemary, which is good for the improvement of concentration, for the prevention of drowsiness, cold and nasal congestion. (solid gel type)

Therapy Station has on its top an opening for inserting or discharging the aroma cartridge, so you can change it as you will. First, you have to take out the aroma cartridge and fill it with the basic aroma provided, and then, put it back to the opening. If you turn the aroma cartridge to the right, it will move up a little and start to emit aroma through its holes. It you turn it to the left, it will hide into the body and stops to emit aroma.

You can buy aroma essence from the manufacturer separately for a price of 10,000 Korean Won (for a set of 3 kinds).

Aroma therapy does not have any function for emitting aroma but depends on the natural emission from the cartridge, you may feel something is lacking. It will be more effective if we can develop a function of emitting aroma at a preprogrammed hour or emitting aroma through its built-in fan.

Therapy Station #4 Built-in Anion Generator

Therapy Station generates anion, by which offices or homes can get various beneficial effect in addition to air cleaning.

Anion is an atom which bears a negative electric charge and is not perceivable by human eyes. There are two kinds of ions: Cation, which is positively charged ion and Anion, which is a negatively charged ion. Cation in the air increases under such a weather condition as line of discontinuity, cold front, low pressure etc. and relative reduction of anion in a human body leads to the higher chances of neuralgia, asthma and cerebral apoplexy.

Therapy Station’s anion generation system will help facilitate your metabolism and keep off your headache by increasing the anion distribution in your body, which will work for a cleaner blood, for a better control of autonomic nerve system, for an improved immunity and for a revitalization of cells. It can also clean up the air in the surroundings. Therapy Station can be a convenient and effective way of showering with anion when you cannot find time to visit forest, valley or waterfall where plenty of anion is produced.

One demerit of this system is that you may feel uncomfortable during a sleep because of the noise from speakers. Sound therapy has the same demerit.

We have already covered all the functions and characteristics of Therapy Station.

While other conventional products are offering only one function, our Therapy Station is offering four different therapy, and conveniently available for anybody and for any place.

Relieving various stresses and their resultant problems can put you in a more competitive position against others in your social life. Yes, we know that taking rest or travelling can be a better option for your refreshment. However, if you are too busy to do that, you will be happy to find a substitute which enables ‘Rest and Treatment on my own’. We recommend Therapy Station as a substitute.