Let’s Go Global, The Curtain of ‘MIK 2017 Conference & Networking Party’ Has Risen

‘MIK Conference & Networking Party’ – organized by ‘AVING NEWS’, the global news networks and media partner of major exhibitions, co-managed by Yesky, representative media group of China, and Vietnam Plus, the national news agency – was held at The-K hotel, Seoul (formerly Education Cultural Center) today(29th).

Recently, many of industries are struggling with difficulties due to foreign affairs. Especially in the beauty and tech Industry, many of them are seeking a way to enter the global market for export has been discontinued or canceled. In addition, Korean companies are in the situation to find a new business model to shape the future and business model in a course of the fourth industrial revolution. Whereupon, the global news network ‘AVING NEWS’ hosted the sixth ‘‘MIK Conference & Networking Party’ followed by the first event in July 2016.

Hot opening Ceremony with welcome speech and performance by Aancod!
The opening ceremony started at 4:30 p.m. after the Global Media Press Meeting and Crowdfunding. Aancod, a renowned musician for busking, received fervent responses from the participants. Yesky screened congratulation video as a representative of the foreign media groups. “We have been working with AVING NEWS for a long time, and hope all of you make friends on this very big day,” said the CEO of Yesky. The keynote speech by Gidae, Kim, publisher of AVING NEWS, themed ‘Past, Present, and future of 4th industrial revolution and future of Korea’, was followed by. “We need to develop a next-generation global business platform, and this requires government support,” said Gidea, Kim. In addition, he mentioned that AVING NEWS is a company that reports numerous small and medium-sized businesses to the global market.

Biz-matching with Global Media, Vietnamese Marketing Platforms and Vietnamese Buyers!
In this sixth ‘MIK Conference & Networking Party’, conferences and business networking sessions were held, which would suggest future of the company in the upcoming 4th industrial revolution. with foreign media (YESKY-a representative IT/startup in China, Ubergizmo-expert of crowdfunding/startup in the U.S.A., Vietnam Plus-national media in Vietnam, and My Fat Pocket-no.1 beauty/fashion/lifestyle platform in Singapore) participated, 1:1 press pitching is being held with participants. Yesky is the first IT consumer portal in China and is reflecting the value of products to be the two-way platform leading digital lifestyle. Vietnam Plus, No.1 Vietnamese Media group, broadcasts international news in five different languages including English, French, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese.

In the United States, Ubergizmo has been selected as the most popular website. It provides live broadcast with CES, MWC, E3, CTIA, DEMO, and GDC as the technical media producing small and useful tools. Editor Soh Xin yi from My Fat pocket, Singapore Media participated in MIK for the second time. He said “Korean beauty products are highly appreciated in Singapore and I buy and introduce Korean cosmetics on blog every time I visit Korea”. “I would like to talk to as many companies as possible and introduce them to Singapore.” He said.

Local Media joined the event to meet local & international buyers
IT Dong-A and early adopters along with AVING NEWS participated in the event and had a meeting with local and international buyers. IT Dong-A, independent and specialized IT reviewer, provides objective and reliable information. Expert groups of early adoption is composed of experts who experiences the new first and inform other others. AVING NEWS operates 100 exhibitions annually as a media partner; it delivers news focused on technology and products to all over the world by constructing global news networks with 54 global media.


Consulting for Crowdfunding Platform of Korea and Campfire, the leading crowdfunding firm in Japan was held at the same.

Yamanaka NoKo of Campfire, No.1 crowdfunding platform in Japan, is introducing a strategy for successful crowdfunding in Japan and providing consultation to participants. Along with Campfire, WADIZ, INTWEENCOMPANY, WINNERSLAB, and KSEEDER also attend the event to hear the problems that a company has and seek a solution.

On the other hand ‘MIK 2017’ is combined Online Convention and Offline Press conference; it invited 50 Vietnamese C to C buyers who influenced on consumer consumption to the 5th MIK held in Aug. 2016. MIK 2017 has conducted various programs including Global Media Press Pitching and Consulting Service for crowdfunding and consulting firm. Conference with Invited global speakers, Award Top 3 and ‘To be Top Star Up’ also received tremendous attention. Through these programs, companies are expected to estimate their competitiveness in global markets.

Global Media attending MIK2017 are : ▲ YESKY-a representative IT/startup in China, ▲Ubergizmo-expert of crowdfunding/startup in the U.S.A., ▲Vietnam Plus-national media in Vietnam, and ▲My Fat Pocket-no.1 beauty/fashion/lifestyle platform in Singapore

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