[LED & OLED EXPO] GE Lighting showcases new products at LED EXPO 2011

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’) — <Visual News> GE Lighting announces all new products to market in each product line at 2011 LED& OLED EXPO. GE Lighting offers lighting system to over 100 wholesale and retail supplier, construction companies and electric corporate consumer. GE Lighting unveiled new LED product series for this first hale year in 2011 LED EXPO& OLED EXPO.

A19 Omni is an impressive product which is unveiled in LED EXPO& OLED EXPO. A 19 Omni will be expected to substitute incandescent lamp and launched in second quarter. A 19 Omni especially can light 270 degree angle. Up to now, A 19 Omni is an effective product to cover omnidirectional luminosity while incandescent lamp apparently can light 120 degree angle. GE Lighting Korea stated that “A19 Omni is suitable production to demonstrate more bright and delicate atmosphere of indoor.”

R150 is outstanding streetlight product in outdoor product line. Marketed-streetlights have followed procedure that lamp vertically light up the ground. However, LED light R150 use reflector to make light distribution so that light can fairly spread out and improve equilibrium level. Moreover, R150 maximizes driver’s safety to prevent drives from dazzling.

GE is well known for Six Sigma that is a business management strategy. GE lighting strives to supply high-quality light over the World. Moreover GE lighting Korea cooperates with domestic excellent manufacturers using global industry networks. All brand new LED Product line-up are expected to hit 2011 LED EXPO&OLED EXPO in June.