[LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011] Teknologue to Present LED Test System

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’) — <Visual News> Teknologue will introduce its LED Test System at the ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’ which will be held at KINTEX, Ilsan on June 21~24.

(Picture: LED Thermal Analysis LX4681A(2A/100v))

Teknologue is going to exhibit High-power LED Tester(LX4691A(1A/20v), LX4693A(3A/20v), LX4695A(3A/20v,3Col) and LX4681A(2A/100v)), LED Thermal Analysis(LX4681A(2A/100v)), LED-Aging System(LX6136A) and Degradation Test System(LED Tester, Board Handler and Aging Device).

LED Tester Business and LED Measurement Business
LED Tester Business has passed 28 years since we began selling its first tester in 1982, it has provided products that meet the needs of our customers by using our know-how related to LED testing, the latest technologies, new testing technologies and its many experience.

In addition, using its know-how related to LED testing and our rich experience, it has begun measuring LEDs as our LED measurement business.

Since founded in 1970 with development of electronics technologies, Teknologue has provided accurate measuring technologies to contribute to improving the precision of technologies and products created from electronics and optics.

Teknologue responds tirelessly to the needs presented by the latest technologies, and based on our desire to tie advances in electronics and optics to results through accurate measuring technologies, we hope to work to continually achieve new possibilities while protecting the earth’s environment and resources.

(Picture: High-power LED Tester LX4691A(1A/20v))

(Picture: LED-Aging System LX6136A)

(Picture: Degradation Test System – LED Tester, Board Handler and Aging Device)