[LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011] INSEM To Introduce Slim COB Type Array

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’) — <Visual News> INSEM, LED Light Manufacturer, is going to introduce Slim COB Type Array at the ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’ which will be held at KINTEX, Ilsan on June 21~24.

INSEM’s showcasing products include LED LIGHT PRODUCTS, such as integrated LED tube light (Linear type), Slim Direct Flat light (Lens type), Bulb light (Beam angle 270), and Medium & Large LED BLU products.

Main products that INSEM is going to show are Tube Type, Flat Type, Bulb Type and BLU etc. Specifications are as below:
* Tube Type: 18~27W, T5/T8/T10, 70~90lm/w, 3000~7000K.
* Flat Type: 20~80W, 300mm x 300mm(600mm, 1200mm).
* Bulb Type: Bulb, MR, PAR, Downlight, Street light, Security light, etc.
* BLU: Medium & Large LED BLU(Slim Direct type, Linear Edge type), High luminance, Excellent uniformity, High color reproduction, Energy saving & Environmental friendly designed product.

Since the establishment in 2007, INSEM, as a technology intensive company, has been devoted to the development of COB type LED resource that can be substituted to the previous SMD type LED PKG & modules.

INSEM has been successfully developed the specialized process technology, such as, Manufacturing technology of high reliability of PKG materials, Circuit design & manufacturing method on direct printing, Control technology on LED PKG & heat dissipation. Now finally, the most innovative COB LED lighting products are to be released in 2011.