[LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011] ICEPIPE to Introduce the First and Unique High-Wattages LED Fixtures

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’) — <Visual News> ICEPIPE Corporation is going to present its high-Wattages LED fixtures at the ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011(www.ledexpo.com)’ which will be held at KINTEX, Ilsan on June 21~24.

(Picture: H2000-125W)

Those products which will be introduced at this show are the first and unique high-Wattages LED fixtures nobody made before and nobody can make now in the world as High-bay LED lamp since 125W thru 750W, Street light since 200W thru 250W and Flood light since 250W.

ICEPIPE Corporation is a manufacturer focusing on developing and producing high-efficiency, high-power and featherweight LED fixtures applied its own ICEPIPE technology. ICEPIPE Corp trying its best to be a leader in this industry through decisive R&D investment, intensive global marketing and listening market’s needs.

(Picture: S3000-200W)

(Picture: S4000-200W)