[LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011] EI Lighting to Introduce Various LED Lights

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’) — <Visual News> EI Lighting is going to present various LED lights at the ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’ which will be held at KINTEX, Ilsan on June 21~24.

(Picture: LED TUBE – External Converter type, 23W, 1198mm, 12W, 580mm)

The products which will be exhibited are LED TUBE(External Converter type, 23W, 1198mm, 12W, 580mm), LED Flat Lamp(50W, 1200*300(mm), 600*600(mm)), MR16(5W), Bulb(7W~), LED BLU(Customer Optimized (High Brightness, Special chromaticity coordinates)), LED Stand(Full Color, Touch button, Dimming), EEFL(T4, 1150mm, T5, 1164mm) and UV Lamp(UV-C Sterilization Lamp) etc.

(Picture: LED Flat Lamp – 50W, 1200*300(mm), 600*600(mm))

(Picture: MR16 – 5W)

(Picture: LED BLU – Customer Optimized (High Brightness, Special chromaticity coordinates))

(Picture: LED Stand – Full Color, Touch button, Dimming)

(Picture: EEFL – T4, 1150mm, T5, 1164mm)

(Picture: UV Lamp – UV-C Sterilization Lamp)