[LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011] DAERIMENG to Introduce High-Capacity of LED Lightings

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’) — <Visual News> DAERIMENG(representative Park Dong-hong, www.daerimled.com), a LED specialist in Korea, is going to introduce its high-capacity LED lightings for outdoor and photovoltaic LED lighting at the ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’ which will be held at KINTEX, Ilsan on June 21~24.

(Picture: LED Street Light)

Street Lights, Guard Lights and Flood Lights
These are special in getting rid of heat in short time, controlling a lights with spreading out and having great composition of constant current circuit system. And it has been designated as the excellent products with the KC Certification which shows the proof of being great on the durability and thermal resistance and optical properties of these products.

Tunnel Lights
This is able to have Warm White, Cool White according to the state of inner Tunnel and this shows no dazzling lights so the drivers would feel comfortable with their own eyes while driving through the tunnel.

Solar Lights
It is able to transform its shape will be made with its various kind of forms of statures which can make fantastic view and also it has ability its battery can recharge the energy through the cloudy day.

Converter (SMPS)
This product has gained the KS Certification and very good with power factor, efficiency of electricity. It features protection function against dusts and water.

(Picture: LED Guard Light, Tunnel Light)

(Picture: LED Converter and Solar LED Guard Light)

DAERIMENG CORP is the technical enterprise and has been established in 1988 and now located in Pohang-Techno Park. And it has conducted quite many business projects with couple of large company like Posco etc, and so we could construct full line-up about LED Lights based on the skills from the former experience.