[LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011] An Interview with GE Lighting

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’) — <Visual News> GE Lighting is taking part in the ‘LED EXPO&OLED EXPO 2011’ which will be held at KINTEX, Ilsan on June 21~24.

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Prior to meet its products at the show, AVING had an interview with Ki-Jung Kim, a CEO of GE Lighting.

Q. Give us a brief introduction of your corporation and its main business fields?

GE Lighting is a total lighting solution company that provides world class lighting solutions and services. The company, a parent company of GE, has been leading lighting product development since Thomas Edison established the company in 1879. During its 130 year history, GE Lighting has been responsible for various inventions, including the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, MR16 halogen lamp, high-intensity discharge lamp, and LED.  

GE Lighting has three major business units; LED lighting, general lighting and lighting fixtures. The LED lighting business includes all lighting products and services that use LED as a light source, while the general lighting business includes almost all lamp products, such as fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, discharge lamps, automobile lamps and special lamps, as well as control gears, which are a form of lighting assistant equipment. The lighting fixture business deals with lighting fixtures products for building, industrial use, sports, and roadways etc. All GE Lighting’s products and solutions are being produced and managed using the Six Sigma quality management system.

GE Lighting Korea entered the Korean market in 1988. In 1998, it established GE-Samsung Lighting as a joint venture with Samsung. In December 2008, GE Lighting Korea was established as a subsidiary in Korea.

GE Lighting Korea sells approximately 20,000 different kinds of lamp products in the Korean market, with these produced at 30 global facilities. It also provides lighting products with raw and subsidiary materials that are produced in Korea in partner with Korean companies to the world throughout GE’s global networks.

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Q. What are the reasons or aims for participating in the ‘LED EXPO & OLED EXPO 2011’, Asia’s representative exhibition?

GE Lighting has been leading LED lighting product development for the past 50 years after it invented the LED. With the LED lighting market growing quickly thanks to the speed of LED technologies development and decreases in production costs, GE Lighting is gearing up to introduce new LED products in Korea. GE Lighting will accelerate its effort to seize the Korean market in 2011 by launching high quality indoor and outdoor LED lighting products. Furthermore, it aims to contribute to the well balanced development of Korea’s eco-lighting market by introducing advanced LED lighting technologies and cooperating with Korean companies that own new and innovative technologies. GE Lighting’s participation in the ‘LED EXPO & OLED EXPO 2011’ is the part of this plan.

Q. What are the main products or technologies that are going to be exhibited at the event?

We will introduce products featuring GE Lighting’s unique technologies and 130 year know-how. For example, the R250 LED street lighting fixture, equipped with a replaceable LED module engine, is a customizable product, allowing a customer to choose the appropriate energy consumption and luminous intensity for a particular environment. Furthermore, the T150 LED lamp is used for tunnels, underground driveways, and ramps to underground parking lots, while the F150 LED flood light is designed for exterior lighting and advertisements. Indoor lighting products on display will include the A19 Omni, which can replace incandescent lamps perfectly thanks to its 270 degree light distribution range, and infusion LED module engine which is replaceable and has various options in regards to energy consumption and angle of lighting, a 20W LED PAR38 lamp which is a PAR typed LED lamp and replaceable from 80W to 120W incandescent lamp. And the MR16 and PAR typed LED lamps, which have seen a significant increase in demand.

High color rendering LED lights designed for showcases will also be displayed.

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Q. What are the company’s future plans in the LED & OLED markets?

GE Lighting will introduce LED lighting products that can perfectly replace existing lighting and provide high efficiency and a long lifetime by leveraging its advanced technology leadership as the company that invented the LED in 1962.

In the outdoor LED lighting market, GE Lighting will seek a partnership with a Korean company in order to meet market demand. By providing unassembled LED module engines and reflexible luminous intensity technologies and strengthening partnerships with Korean companies in the streetlight and security light application, GE plans to meet public and commercial demand. Furthermore, since all LED lighting modules provided to local partners have acquired Korean Industrial Standards and High Efficiency Energy Equipment certification, GE will seek additional opportunities with local partners.

Q. What is the motto or idea of your company in regards to the long-term?

GE Lighting aims to contribute to the development of Korea’s lighting industry by offering high quality lighting products and services to Korean customers. In particular, GE Lighting will try to realize quality growth in the local LED lighting industry, not simply a growth in size.

For this to happen, overall LED light quality must be considered. Currently in the LED lighting market, energy efficiency is only thing in the spotlight. However, this trend will hinder balanced growth as it neglects other components.

GE Lighting sees efficiency, lifetime, lumen maintenance rate, color rendering, and price as the five essential components regarding the quality of LED lighting when developing and manufacturing products. In addition, the way LED lighting efficiency is measured should also be considered from a qualitative aspect, not just a quantitative one. GE Lighting will continue with its effort as an industry leader to provide trustworthy, quality lighting.

(Picture: Ki-Jung Kim, CEO, GE Lighting)