Launch of ‘MeCon’, App That Enables Creation of Own Moving Caricature Emoticons


Mobile content provider Mcookie (CEO Kim Myuong-Ok, has recently launched “MeCon”, an app that combines caricatures and emoticons, enabling users to create their own emoticons.

“MeCon” is an application in which users can make caricature emoticons by using pictures of their faces. It is easy to use. Users can receive 15 caricatures with different facial expressions when they upload their photo on “MeCon”. The face is then reborn as caricatures with indifferent, happy, and angry expressions.

Users can decorate and edit their own emoticons by using these 15 caricatures. The emoticons can be used both on and offline. It takes two to five days for designers to create caricatures according to service needs.

Mcookie noticed that other companies could not create emoticons with different faces as they only focused on mass production. Mcookie’s unique service is capable of capturing the personality of each face, and producing emoticons in large quantities.

In order to solve problems that existing companies have, Mcookie developed its own semi-automatic caricature program that designers can use. Thus, on the “MeCon” app, caricature emoticons can be mass-produced with high quality. Also, designers can create their own emoticons that contain the users’ unique characteristics.

Currently, “MeCon” can be used on many different SNS apps, including KakaoTalk, Instagram, Twitter, Line, and Facebook. It also makes economic sense, as once users purchase MeCon’s emoticons, they can use them for all SNS apps and do not have to repurchase them. Even if users change their smartphones, they can re-download and use the caricatures and emoticon sets they previously purchased after installing the “MeCon” app.

“MeCon” can be downloaded on Google Play Store, and it will be launched on Apple’s App Store in November.