[KORTEX 2011] Ewaglotec, Tender_ ‘TEXTINNO’ to cut cost of production

Ewaglotec, (representative Bungsick Jung, www.ewagt.com) exhibits the new 1/14 of Tender ‘TEXTINNO model in ‘The 18th Korea international textile machine expo  (KORTEX 2011)’, held from November 2 to 5.

TEXTINNO can cut the cost of production that can save the energy by 10~25% as being equipped with fever circulation system. And it reinforces the automatic function of system for easy operations and optimized fabric manufactures.

In addition, it realized to upgrade the quality through customized structural design as fabric and to cost cut of production through development of setting process and Final Finishing process.

Ewaglotec is a professional company of textile process machine that strive to creative energy saving and growth of production. Major products are tender and netdryer.


Meanwhile, ‘The 18th Korea international textile machine expo  (KORTEX 2011)’ is hosted by Daegu metropolitan city, Gyeongsaongbuk-do and Korea textile industry association and organized by Korea textile machine association, Korea sewing association, , KOTRA, and EXCO.

It’s the only domestic professional exhibition of textile machine and there will be a foreigner buyer supporting program for participating company.


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