[KORMARINE 2015 Preview] Luxco Showcases Durable Switchboard System for Ships


Luxco(www.luxco.co.kr) will be showcasing its switchboard system for ships boasting high durability at KORMARINE 2015, which will run Oct. 20 to 23 at BEXCO.

GSP is a starter unit connected to the main switchboard. And it is organizing and protecting the motor which is driving the main instrument such as pump, fan, compressor and refrigerator. It is safe and easy to repair and maintain, because control terminal block and electric power block are installed separately.


Its USB & Battery charger is an essential equipment that is used to charge the battery supplying the emergency power. It automatically carries out the floating charging as well as equalizing charging and it performs highly efficient charging with low ripple voltage of less than ±1.5%.

Since the unified module for alarm and control circuit is attached to the front door, it is easy to operate and maintain the equipment.

Since Luxco Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, it has been making various efforts and trials for growing into the company which can contribute the development of local and domestic industry through executing R&D and drastic investment on the basis of continuous innovation of management.

Since 1978, KORMARINE has been Korea’s major trade show for the shipbuilding industry. This year, KORMARINE will be held at BEXCO, exhibiting 15 international halls and 1,200 companies taking 2,200 booths.

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