Korea’s K-Functional Foundation Is Gaining Popularity in Thailand

Wanting a clear and blemish free skin is something that all women want all over the world. It is the same with women in Thailand and Southeast Asia where the climate is hot and humid.  The interest in the clear and blemish free skin of female actresses in Korean dramas have naturally led to the interest in the make up that they use and especially in the foundation products that they are using and due to the recent craze in K-beauty the trend is becoming more and more viral.

In light of this trend, Aving news prepared a special event that introduces the top Korean cosmetic companies that are attending the K-BEAUTY EXPO BANGKOK that will be held on September 22 for the establishment of overseas routes of Korean cosmetic companies. let me introduce to you foundation products that has different kinds of functions such as covering abilities, whitening and wrinkle improvement.


Bada Water Shine Cushion, It Has Outstanding UV Protection and Water Shine Effect

Tosowoong’s top product the Bada water shine cushion is a product that has 50% damask rose water moisture essence that makes your skin shiny and bright. This product was sold out in three months after its release and become the top product amongst cushion products, this a is product that not only has UV protection, whitening and wrinkle improvement but it also has water shine effect, sebum control cooling/calming effect, this product has both the moist effect of a moisture essence and a covering ability of a liquid foundation. Compared to the thick and stuffy solid state essence cushion it also has a high adhering ability.


The LAVOME Gold Cocoon Cushion, Made from The Natural Ingredients of Gold Cocoon  Extracts  

The LAVOME Gold cocoon cushion is also called the “enslaving cushion” because once it is used the person who uses it becomes completely in love with it and becomes a slave to this cushion. It’s main components are natural ingredients extracted from golden cocoons which have strengthened its moisturizing effects and whitening capabilities, its it composed of 25% sericin and 75% fibroin which compared to other cocoon extract products its skin care effect is outstanding.

It has a pink base which gives it a moist and not over the top but natural water shine effect while giving the skin a brightened look. another advantage is its sufficient 21g amount.


Mist and full cover luxury cushion by MIART, make your skin moist with mineral moisture particles

Mist and full cover luxury cushion by MIART has a Mist cover luxury cushion for dry skin and full cover luxury cushion for oily skin, it is a product which can be used depending on the type of the skin. Rather than using general purified water, a 100% belgium purified spau mineral water is used, the minerall moisture particles keeps the skin moist helps the skin retain moisture.

And for a skin tone that shines like a gemstone, the 7 types of gemstone components namely; amethyst, pearl, coral, tourmaline, amber, nephrite and ruby is contained in this product. furthermore, azileline, epipulp, and aquaseal and daffodil scale stems extract improves the skins wrinkles around the eyes and improves the oxidized skin. Other than this it has outstanding moisturizing and skin surface improvement effect.


The PRIVIA All in One CC Cushion by Priviaskinlab, Make Your Skin Clear and Bright with Hyaluronic Acid Compounds

The PRIVIA all in one CC cushion is a multi-functional product which has anti-aging and wrinkle improvement, whitening and skin cooling effect. A patented extract called Anti-thermorin and Hyaluronic acid makes the skin clear and bright, the porous powder lightly adheres to the skin, so even it is applied several times it does not push out each other and it avoids caking up and maintains a matte and moist state for a long period of time.


The Snow Flower Cushion by JITGROUP, Outstanding in Covering Freckes and Blemishes.

The Snow flower cushion by keep in touch is an essence cushion that has a combination of whitening essence and cover foundation. And when applied an immediate effect of skin tone improvement and covering ability can be experienced. It is divided as whitening essence and cover foundation so the desired brightness and skin tone can be adjusted and it effectively covers freckles and blemishes. Most of all it provides the skin with moisture and improves darkened skin tone and it is long lasting as well.


The Beyond Solution BB Cream by Lioele Cosmetic, Make Your Skin Clean and Clear by Adjusting Your Skin’s Oil and Moisture Balance.

The beyond solution BB cream by Lioele cosmetic, is a BB cream that is as smooth as cream and it has a moist applicability which helps the skin express a no make up face.

It arranges your skin tone and covers your blemishes and adjusts the oil and moisture balance of your face that even after long periods of time there is no oiliness or glossiness. It contains Sebum control powder that adjusts the sebum and eliminates stickiness.

On the other hand, in the K-BEAUTY EXPO that will be held on September 22 up to September 24 in the IMPACT exhibition hall of Bangkok Thailand, Other 100 Korean cosmetic companies who will bring hair, nail and other cosmetic products will be attending the exhibition. In this year’s exhibition buyers from 10 different countries of ASEAN is scheduled to attend the Export conference and it is foreseen that this exhibition will be a business exchange market for Korean cosmetic companies that will be expanding to the Southeast asian market.

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