Korea’s Electronics Show “EMK 2015” Opens in April

Electronics Manufacturing Korea(EMK) 2015, the biggest electronics manufacturing exhibition in Korea, opens at COEX from Apr. 1 to 3.

Co-organized by K.Fairs, Reed Exhibitions, and Korea Photonics Industry Association(KOPHIA) and sponsored by Samsung, six other shows, SMT/PCB & NEPCON Korea, LED Packaging Expo, Touch & Flexible Show, Photonics Seoul, Printed Electronics & Electronic Materials Show, and Film Technology Show, will be held concurrently with EMK 2015.

Many Korean electronics companies including the globally-recognized Samsung and LG and companies and buyers from all over the world are showing a great interest in this show, for it is one of the major venues for new business opportunities and network among the people in the industry.

The following is a summary of the six other shows mentioned above:

SMT/PCB & NEPCON Korea is having its 16th show this year since 2000. It introduces the apparatus and materials needed for SMT/PCB and automotive manufacturing equipment.

LED Packaging EXPO
Visitors can expect to see and experience the rapid growth of Korean LED industry at LED Packaging EXPO. The show introduces LED Backlight (BLU), producing equipment related to LED, and heat measurement technology.

Touch and Flexible Show
The fastest growing tech market today, the touch and flexible technology in smartphones/tablet PC’s are exhibiting at the show. Their main exhibits include the materials and circuit boards needed for touch and flexible tech development and testing/measuring equipment related to touch and flexible.

Photonics Seoul
Photonics Seoul introduces laser application such as optical, test analyzing, IT information, and photonics software equipment. There are also going to be “Green Photonics Industry” exhibits like eco-friendly solar battery and LED plant factory.

Printed Electronics and Electronic Materials Show
PE and Electronic Materials Show introduces PE materials, element application, planning tech, and testing/measuring equipment related to PE. As PE industry is expected to grow over 200% by 2020, it is expected to have a lot of PE related visitors and buyers at the show.

Film Technology Show
Film Technology Show introduces materials needed for film production process; paint, glue, additives, and semiconductors. It will also exhibit equipment needed for film semiconductors; high functional film, metalizing/testing/analyzing/finishing equipment.

At the show, KAMP’s international symposium will be offering the core technology and reliability for electronic packaging. Lithography symposium and seminars will be prepared by KOPHIA (Korea Photonics Industry Association) and Photonics Seoul exhibitors with Korea’s high-tech industry topics like semiconductors and technology for display production.

The 3rd Annual Hand Soldering Competition will be taking place at the exhibition hall. The soldering associated professionals will be competing each other to win a ticket to attend the IPC World Soldering Championship 2016 in the U.S.

Pre-registration is available by visiting www.electronickorea.com.

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