Korean Boat’s Achievement! Successful Closing of ‘2018 Gyeonggi International Boat Show’

The ‘2018 Gyeonggi International Boat Show’, which has successfully closed with meaningful achievements such as the rapid progress of domestic boats, has once again achieved the status of the National Maritime Leisure Industry Fair.

The ‘2018 Gyeonggi International Boat Show’ was held for four days at Gimpo Ara Marina, Goyang, KINTEX, from 24th to 27th with 1,705 booths from 270 domestic and foreign exhibitors and buyers participating.

In particular, not only ‘Ocean Marketing’, North America’s largest marine leisure goods distributor, but also 126 overseas buyers from 20 countries participated and it is a good opportunity for excellent marine leisure companies in Korea who want to advance into advanced and emerging markets, such as opening the national hall of Taiwan Yacht Industry Association for the first time in history.

The noteworthy aspect of this boat show is the quality growth of overseas buyers. Overall, buyers who visited the export counseling and boating show have increased their purchase counseling levels, leading to real contracts. Jeil Vacuum Pump Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeon, Chan-Il) signed an MOU with Korea’s Albin Pump Marine, a Swedish seawater pump manufacturing / distributing company, Director Kim Min-joo) has made the export of life jackets etc. to the government of Mozambique.

Not only was it very popular for parts but also for finished domestic manufactured products. Korea Compost (CEO Kim Seong-ha), which manufactures boats in Busan, has sold boats for wakeboarding since the first day of the exhibition. In addition, Botshow Official supporter Boat Korea, which has set up the largest booth in the industry to offer a wide range of products, has launched dozens of phishing boats featuring its new ‘Shadow’ series, including rubber boats. Moreover, major boat companies in Gyeonggi Province, such as alloy marine, boat 24, and log boat, also sold most of the boats they submitted at Botshow and received reservations.

In particular, it was meaningful that this year was the first year when the number of domestic boats participating far exceeds that of foreign boats.

Indeed, many of the 23-foot water-repellent boats and domestic boat manufacturers’ ’15-foot fishing boat BlueWay series’ of’ Daewon Maritek ‘,’ Seyang Marinox’ was introduced and has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign buyers, and there has been a flurry of sales and inquiries.In addition to business achievements, various other events were also active, and the marathon programs of Ara Marina were also completed.

In addition to the voyage experience for the general public, additional inquiries continued to be made for participation in the yacht sailing experience with Captain Kim Seung-jin, ship engine self-maintenance for boat owners, sailing training and the interest and enthusiasm of ‘experiencing the marine leisure program’ was hotter than ever.

Julie Balzano, director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NMMA), who visited the event to attend the 2018 KIBS Forum, said, “I was impressed by the Gyeonggi International Boat Show, “We will continue to promote cooperation between the Gyeonggi International Boat Show and the US Marine Leisure Association in the future.”

Lim Jong-cheol, chief economist at Gyeonggi Province said, “The Gyeonggi International Boat Show once again proved the status of the three biggest boating shows in Asia” and added, “We will continue to promote the Gyeonggi International Boat Show as a bridgehead for internationalization, job creation and industrial growth in the marine leisure industry and will continue to provide necessary support”.