[KOREA PACK 2011] Domino Korea to Introduce ‘A320i’, One Button Inkjet Marking System

Domino Korea (www.dominokorea.com) displayed ‘A320i’, an inkjet marking system operating by one button, in ‘KOREA PACK 2011’ held in KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea for 4 days on June 14(Tue)~17(Fri).

A320i can do all the process of marking in a lump by only pushing a start button with installing SureStart printhead and can save cost and time without need to maintenance work on ink.

Also, they presented industrial marking systems with various kinds of printing methods like ‘A-Series’, a printer-controllable marker without having to go on the spot thanks to Web server, ‘V120i’, a total inkjet printer based on platform in reasonable price, and ‘D320i’, a digital thermal transfer marking system with smart design.

Domino Korea is supplying industrial marking systems with different printing methods like inkjet, laser, and thermal transfer in Korea for marking open date, product standard, production number, expiration date, serial number, barcode to various kinds of products, and so on.

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