Korea Marine Leisure Industry Towards the Global Market Challenge… Gyeong-gi International Boat Show Kicks Off on 24th

‘The 11th 2018 Gyeong-gi International Boat Show’ co-organised by Maritime Affairs and fisheries and Gyeonggi-do is held in the Ilsan, KINTEX and Gimpo Ara Marina from May 24th(Thu) to 27th(Sun).

The 2018 Gyeong-gi International Boat Show, which celebrates its 11th anniversary this year, is an exhibition dedicated to the marine leisure and marina industry, which is called ‘The Three Big Boat Shows in Asia’ with Shanghai and Dubai in terms of size and quality. It is held every May for export industrialization.

In this show, 270 marine leisure companies including yacht, boat, canoe, kayak, water sports, marine parts, safety, marina, fishing, and diving are participating in the main exhibition hall Ilsan Kintex The exhibition booths are at the booth size, and Kimpo Ara Marina, a maritime exhibit, offers a variety of marine leisure experiences including 20 boats and boat exhibits and boat ride experience.

This year, the 2018 Gyeong-gi International Boat Show that greets its 11th year, both in terms of the scale and quality of the international boat show in Shanghai, Dubai and, along with ‘Asian 3 referred to as’the boat show for the marine and Marina industry invests and professional exhibition for the development of related industries marine leisure, to annually export industrialization is being held on May.

This is the main venue for the boat show, Gyeonggi-ilsan KINTEX in yacht, boat, canoe, kayak, etc. with a focus on non-energy products, water sports, marine parts, safety, Marina, fishing, diving etc than the marine leisure company 270saga past 1,700booths, which is the largest in scale and, Maritime exhibition in Seoul-Gimpo, which La Marina 20, the ships sailing the boat with boat boarding experience as part of marine leisure opportunities.

The main hall in KINTEX, which centered on the industrial exhibition of professional conferences, overseas buyers influential export consultation, this year’s B2B program, such as the thalamus brought canoeing/kayaking/fun boats(Fun Boat) including marine leisure activities, as well as free boarding the boat show exhibitors can take advantage of the products of production and aired TVprograms are ‘let’s Go Boat Fishing’ operation of Pro boat fishing of the lecture, take advantage of the water paddle Board Pilates, demonstrating a wide variety of experiential programs in Marin-Look Couture welcomes visitors.

The Gyeonggi International Boat Show Export Fair is visited by 126 companies from 20 countries, the largest of them. Among them, John Thommen, CEO of Ocean Marketing, North America’s largest marine leisure goods distributor, has 40 years of history and major buyers in Europe and Southeast Asia It is expected that after the early registration in March, there will be heated export consultation with domestic manufacturers.

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has awarded the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister’s Prize as the Grand Prize winner of ‘Gyeonggi International Boat Show Product of the Year’ from this year, contributing to the morale promotion of domestic manufacturers, the ‘Maritime Industry Promotion Council of Relevant Departments’ Industrial Policy Dialogue ‘and’ Ocean Leisure Job Fair ‘to prepare various events for solving the current issues of the industry.

During the booth, there will also be a variety of sweepstakes for visitors. The four-day sweepstakes, which are held every day for the exhibition period, include a full set of fishing boats worth KRW 26 million, as well as fishing supplies and marina passes.

“The Gyeonggi International Boat Show is a world-class boat show that has surpassed Korea’s best and has become the world’s meeting place for the Korean marine leisure industry”, said Oh Jung-woo, Director of Marine Leisure Tourism at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. He also commented that, “It will be easier to contact, and the related industry will catch two rabbits that expand domestic and overseas markets”.

For more information on the Gyeonggi International Boat Show, please contact the Gyeonggi International Boat Show website or the Secretariat.