[KOPLAS 2017] DB Chem Presents its High Value Added Functional Masterbatch


DB Chem (CEO, Jong Hwi Lee) participated at the 24th Korea International Plastic & Rubber Show (KOPLAS 2017), held at the KINTEX 1 exhibition hall in Goyang-si, from March 7th to 11th and presented various plastic coloring products. (Photo: Color Masterbatch, which is widely applied in plastic and fiber products)

The company specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-end plastic coloring products, including black & white masterbatch, process improvement, functional masterbatch and special industrial compounds. With its quality stability and price competitiveness, not only do they engage in domestic sales, but they also export directly to Germany, Japan and the US.

The Color Masterbatch, the key product introduced at this exhibition, is uniformly dispersed in the polymer raw material structure, giving an even and clear color to plastic and fiber products.

In particular, it does not fade in high temperatures, chemicals and harsh working environments, and does not compromise the mechanical properties or the appearance of the product, making it perfectly compatible with a wide range of commercial and engineering polymers.

In addition, the specially formulated Color Masterbatch produces vivid colors by minimizing degradation of polymer properties due to moisture, various dispersants, and high temperatures at various process steps.

They also introduced the black and white masterbatch which has high reliability and durability, as well as a variety of high-performance masterbatches with functions including process improvement, block prevention, slip, and flame retardancy.


(Photo: Masterbatches in different colors and with different functions)

Soon Wook Ma, the sales manager claimed, “Our chemical experts are dedicated to developing superior polymer property strengtheners, functional additive materials, and dispersants.

As a result of such continuous research and development, we are applying it in developing industrial plastic products that customers want and industry special plastics compounds that can maintain high durability inherent in advanced polymers in extreme physical and chemical situations.


(Photo: Smartphone case with color masterbatch)


(Photo: Master batch is uniformly dispersed in the raw material and it is important to maintain the physical properties of the raw material)

Meanwhile, KOPLAS 2017 is an exhibition where you can find the latest materials in the plastic and rubber industry, from eco-friendly materials to ultra-precision machining equipment, from home and abroad in one place. This year, 485 companies from 24 countries participated with around 1,320 booths, which is the largest scale ever.

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