[KOBA 2018 Preview] Voiceware, Voice synthesis (TTS) Participate with VoiceText

Voiceware, Voice synthesis (TTS) Participated in KOBA that will be held from May 16 (Tue) to 19 (Fri) in COEX, Seoul on 28th International Broadcasting, Acoustics, (VoiceText ™) which is a text-to-speech (TTS) will show a voice announcer, a broadcasting system.

Voiceware Co., Ltd. has world-class technology in core voice technologies such as voice synthesis, speech recognition, and recording recognition, and is equipped with advanced technology such as announcement, ARS, IVR, navigation, home appliance, robot, e-book, screen reader, kiosk, Intelligence (AI), etc.

It is a specialized voice technology company that has been recognized not only in Korea but also overseas by applying various industrial fields.

Since the establishment of the company, we have continued to research and develop voice technology, winning KT Mark, Jang Yeongsil Award, Global Human Product Producer, New Software Award, PPS Excellent Product, GS Mark, etc. In ‘New Technology Promotion Contest’, he was awarded the Prime Minister Award.

VoiceText ™ is a high-quality, high-quality, It is a speech synthesizer that supports the following 20 languages and 64 voices including Korean: English, Chinese, Japanese, Maxishan Spanish, Young English, Canadian French, Taiwanese Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, Brazilian, German, Spanish , Italian, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Australian English, Russian, etc. Especially, the newly developed Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Australian English and Russian languages in 2018

The Voice Announcer, which will be presented as VoiceText ™ in KOBA 2018, will be able to broadcast live and scheduled broadcasts with simple operation using voice-to-speech without human announcer. Voice Announcer with Voiceware’s high-quality Voice Synthesis Engine (VoiceText ™) broadcasts simultaneously in multiple languages.

It is possible to use it easily and conveniently wherever broadcasting is needed. Especially, alarm sound, background sound, repeated broadcast, volume and speed control function, BGM is possible, Hospitals, amusement parks, etc., without the need for a professional announcer.

Voiceware’s high-quality voice synthesizer supports various languages and voices. You can experience the next generation broadcasting system, Voice Announcer.

Meanwhile, KOBA 2018 will be held a total scale of 27,997 sqm in COEX Exhibition Hall A, C, D and will be presenting the next generation’s broadcasting services and the future of image, sound and lighting industry. Especially, during the KOBA exhibition period, more than 80 international broadcasting technology conferences are organized by The Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association, and through the sound related technical expert seminar, organized by Korea Association of Sound Artists and Acoustical Society of Korea, provide an opportunity to acquire information specialized to the broadcasting system and sound.