[KOBA 2018 Preview] Jinit, exhibits a UHD/HD integrated video broadcasting solution

Jinit(CEO, Ryu Jejin) participates in KOBA 2018(Korea International Broadcast Audio&lighting equipment show) held at COEX from May 15th(Tue.) to 18th(Fri.) to come, and introduces “Multimedia video station(MMVS4K / MMVS)”, a UHD/HD integrated video broadcasting solution for production, internal broadcasting, and educational broadcasting.

The multimedia video station(MMVS) is a video mixer, using 10 video input sources, and supports a character generator with more than 30 templates, a chroma key(virtual studio) to select multiple color-keys, a preview monitor, an output monitor, a video recorder, a streaming server and a video router.

MMVS is applied with a registered patent(‘real-time chroma key composite system and method’ No. 1373631). In addition, in order to validate its performance and quality, it has got GS certification, KC certification, and FCC certification. The multimedia video station(MMVS) has successfully developed products through technology development support business of small and medium-sized venture corporation dep. and has 7 subdivision models(4 models of MMVS-4 series, 3 models of MMVS-3 series). Two models of them are registered in the shopping mall of Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System, to supply the two models to public institutions such as educational institutions and local governments. The registered models are MMVS-3 Studio(article identification No. 23051991, manufacturer: Jinit) and MMVS-4 Studio(article identification No. 23051994).

Jinit is a specialized company in digital broadcasting systems, founded in 1996, and develop and supply digital broadcasting equipment such as a real-time multi-channel network broadcasting transmitter(NetCast), an video editing system(JAS & ConfidenceVE), an internet broadcasting system(Confidence-LiveVideo) and a digital multimedia reservation broadcasting system(MMVS-TPro). In addition, beside of ‘real-time chroma key composite system and method’, Jinit has acquired patent technologies such as integrated video broadcasting system(No. 0938628), digital multimedia reservation broadcasting system(No. 0912255), multimedia modulator(No. 0886745), and chroma key composite system and method(No. 1697163) providing 3D stereo effect.

Meanwhile, KOBA 2018 will be held at a total of 27,997 sqm at the exhibition hall A, C, and D, and seem to present the next-generation broadcasting service and the future of video, sound and lighting industry. In particular, during KOBA exhibition, it provides an opportunity to learn professional information related to broadcasting and sound, through international broadcasting technology conferences more than 80 times, hosted by the Korea Broadcasting Engineers & Technicians Association and sound-related professional technology seminars, hosted by the Korea Association of Sound Artists and the Acoustical Society of Korea.