Ko-Mapper Showcases Core Technology for Intelligent Facility Management at Try Everything 2022!

Ko-Mapper’s Booth at ‘Try Everything 2022’, the global startup festival | Photo by – AVING NEWS 

Ko-Mapper (CEO Daljoo Kim) attended Try Everything 2022 which was held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul from September 21st(Wed) to the 23rd(Fri).

Ko-Mapper is a company that possesses know-how for software and services for civil infrastructure design, construction, and management. It localizes and develops automatic safety inspection hardware and software and provides remote solutions for core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, such as drones, LiDAR, big data, AR, VR, and AI, as well as for integrated and complex intelligent facilities with SOC society-based facilities closely connected to the lives of the people as a target.

In particular, it collects precise data utilizing various sensors like drones or LiDAR and interprets the collected data using self-developed application software to remotely show the entire safety diagnosis process to clients.

Ko-Mapper seeks to solve the issues of deterioration of facilities and the aging technical expert workforce with a scientific and systematic facility safety maintenance management service. In addition, it is receiving a positive response by not only applying the corresponding service to various complex-structured facilities like bridges, dams, ports, purification plants, architecture, civil structures, and mountain slopes, but also by providing digital safety diagnosis solutions that use AI based on actual images.

Key functions include automatic aerial video data sorting, monitoring management dashboard, real-time transmission of reports to clients, and support for decision making for maintenance and reinforcement. In particular, real-time status and inspection results of facilities can easily be monitored, and various types of damage information data can be visually checked as well. In addition, the actual location of damages, quantity, and other information is automatically calculated and provided.

Intelligent facility management technology demonstration by Ko-Mapper at ‘Try Everything 2022’, the global startup festival | Photo by – AVING NEWS

Generally, to achieve digital safety of facility safety diagnosis, 6 fields of core engineering technology must all be integrated.

Regarding this, a spokesman for Ko-Mapper revealed that, “Existing models only secured technology for each unit element, but our company puts forward 6 technologies in precision geospatial information positioning technology, automatic navigation drone technology, LiDAR scanning and matching technology, 3D mapping and modeling technology, AI analysis technology, and big data analysis technology to take the lead in digital safety diagnosis.”

Meanwhile, the city of Seoul has been selected as a Global TOP 10 city to start a business. Various players of the startup ecosystem, such as global corporations, investment institutions, unicorn companies, and the media will attend to accelerate the invigoration of the Seoul startup ecosystem. Accordingly, over 40 programs, such as competitions, lectures, and seminars, will be held at Try Everything 2022, and various global institutions and Korean and foreign startup ecosystem experts, such as South Summit, Extreme Tech Challenge, Startup Genome, and the U.S. EMBASSY & CONSULATE, will be in attendance.

Intelligent facility management technology demonstration by Ko-Mapper at ‘Try Everything 2022’, the global startup festival | Photo by – AVING NEWS

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