[KITAS 2018] WISEJET, selected as ‘BEST of KITAS 2018’ by ‘ASCII’, the Japanese No.1 smart device medium

While WISEJET Planet was participating in ‘the 8th Korea Smart Device Trade Show(KITAS 2018)’ held in D hall of COEX in Samsung-dong from 14th(Sat.) July to 16th(Mon.), WISEJET was selected as the TOP 5 of the ‘BEST of KIATS 2018’.

In this exhibition, Chinese representative IT/Tech medium ‘Sohu’, Japanese smart device and tech web magazine ‘Pronews’, Japanese No. 1 smart device medium ‘ASCII’, Vietnamese national news agency ‘Vietnam Plus’ and Korean global news network ‘Avingnews’, participated and selected 5 companies, one Korean outstanding company for each. Based on marketability, price, possibility of global market entry and on-site response, the selected companies as ‘Best of KITAS 2018, Chosen by Global Media’ are as follows.

▲Sohu(China)_TLI▲Pronews(Japan)_INNOIO ▲ASCII(Japan)_WISEJET  ▲Vietnam Plus(Vietnam)_Monit ▲Avingnews_Kitten Planet

WISEJET is a company established in 2015 by the professors and the research professors who have been participating in the development of the related technologies to the key technology in high-speed wireless transmission after transferred from KAIST. Especially, based on the unrivaled 60GHz RF transmission technology, the company released a transmitter-receiver V-JET in 2017, starting its sale online in Korea and participated in many Korea and overseas exhibitions such as CES, MWC, JASPAN IT Show and KITAS paving its own path.

V-JET 4K presented at this exhibition, is the first wireless mirroring with support of 4K in Korea, and is connectible up to 10M. It supports 4K 30Hz(UHD) resolution and boasts a P2P system that does not require Wi-Fi. It is compatible with Android and Window, and transmits videos without compression. It is also equipped with a built-in magnetic in its transmitter and receiver, so easy and firm combination is possible. The clip-typed receiver can be easily installed on TVs and monitors.

The V-JET 4K system transmits the expanded screen wirelessly to an additional display device, and the touch screen of source devices can be used as an independent controller such as a game pad, a touch pad and etc. It is not only used for gaming through the large screen, also usable in hotels/condos/pensions/cafes, classrooms/auditoriums, and conference rooms.

Ji Sangun, a team leader in WISEJET said, “Since the V-JET 4K system doesn’t need Wi-Fi, it is a big advantage to use it outdoor,” and “we will launch the product through a Kick-starter crowd funding in this September.” He continued to say, “We will introduce the product starting from the US market to domestic and Japanese market.”

Meanwhile, the KITAS exhibition is an exhibition specialized in smart devices which can use connected with other smart devices. At this exhibition, products in many areas have introduced such as IoT(Internet of Things) devices that have recently become an issue, smart mobility, smart health care devices, all kinds of mobile accessories, and PC peripheral devices.