King Star Lighting, striving to be the leader of special LED lighting participates in the International Light Convergence EXPO 2021

King Star Lighting’s exhibit at the International Light Convergence EXPO 2021 | Photo by AVING NEWS

King Star Lighting Co., Ltd. (CEO Dae-Young Lee) participated in the International Light Convergence EXPO 2021 held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Ilsan from October 13th (Wed) to 15th (Fri).

Founded in 2017, King Star Lighting is expanding the area of special lighting based on the company’s value of trust with the best quality in the LED industry.

Dae-Young Lee, CEO of King Star Lighting said, “Many people have not been able to get rid of concerns and worries about safety issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the current chemical disinfectant also has limitations in its effect and safety.” “So, we have developed sterilization lights that can cover wide areas and are harmless to the human body.”

The “sterilization light Twinstar” which is introduced in the form of flat ceiling lights, downlights, and standing lights, is a fusion lighting system for sterilization of bacteria and viruses with dual lighting, based on essential visible rays of 405 nm and 450 nm, and uses a method of selectively extracted LED light sources. CEO Dae-Young Lee explained that various certifications, photodynamic stability tests, and antiviral tests have been completed.

King Star Lighting’s Fine Dust Informative display | AVING NEWS

The fine dust measuring system is a traffic light type electronic display that is 2M above the ground and measures fine dust, humidity, and temperature in real-time. The system also measures the height suitable for the height of pedestrians, shows fine dust and ultrafine dust information, temperature, and humidity levels of the air we are breathing, and is currently sold as a weather display on the Korea ON-line E-Procure System.

Plant growth lamps are the most similar type of light to the sun and can be used in greenhouses, smart farms, and farms where natural sunlight is hard to reach.

CEO Dae-young Lee said, “Currently, we are conducting a space sterilization experiment with Professor Sang-Yi Jeon of Hoseo University. Through this experiment, we plan to contaminate a certain area with viruses to show our lamps’ utility, effectiveness, and safety while obtaining reliable data on its effectiveness.”

Furthermore, Sang-Wook Kang, a professor of the Department of Advanced Materials and Chemistry at Korea University, is developing a broadband lighting system for wide areas, and Ulsan University is developing a lighting system that can be used for glaucoma and cataract treatment, he said. “King Star Lighting will continue to enter the overseas LED market through high added value products.”

King Star Lighting’s booth at the International Light Convergence EXPO 2021 | AVING NEWS

‘International Light Convergence Expo 2021’ organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, LED Industry Forum, and KOTRA and managed by the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership, will be conducted by integrating the 19th International LED&OLED EXPO and PHOTONICS+LASER EXPO. The main exhibit items are as follows. △LED △OLED △DISPLAY △Bio LED △Electronics △Optical Communication

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