[KINBA 2017 Preview] KOMAX to Exhibit Convenient New Product, ‘KOMAX MICROWAVE COOK WARE’

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KOMAX Industrial will introduce air tight container for food storage and water bottle at ‘Kitchen & Bath Korea 2017(KINBA 2017)’ which is run from 2nd to 5th of November at KINTEX.

KOMAX Industrial will show various kinds of Household goods and Kitchen wares including airtight container BIOKIPS and tumbler etc.

Especially, KOMEX Industries Co., Ltd exhibit the new look of the Microwave cook ware.

Microwave cook ware is made of because of current trend for single person who live alone. So they mostly want to cook easily and simply, In this case we’ve developed it and sold a lot them nowadays in domestic.

Microwave cook ware is very suitable for microwave. Using only microwave oven, can be cooked and used to heat up to 140 degrees.

KOMAX Industrial Co., Ltd want to distribute Microwave cook ware with various of buyers at the potential market after evaluation and research it.