[KIMES 2021] Union Medical plans to introduce Neothermos, a high-frequency thermal cancer treatment device at KIMES 2021


NEOTHERMOS is a high-frequency thermal cancer treatment medical device with a function of estimating body temperature. By using the excellent technology of 13.56Mhz 600W high-frequency RF generator, it kills cancer cells without affecting normal cells. The main purpose of the product is to selectively kill cancer cells without surgery by transferring high temperature heat to cancer cells without dissipating heat.

NEOTHERMOS provides comfortable treatment, and enables monotherapy and concomitant treatment by patients. It also increases the effect of the anticancer and radiation treatment that suppresses the growth of cancer cells. It is helpful for treating solid cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and brain tumor, and can be applied to various cases such as patients who have difficulty in having surgery or chemotherapy.


This medical device is evaluated as having sufficient therapeutic effect even in monotherapy, and it can be combined with surgical methods, drug therapy, radiation, and immunological therapy. From the early stages of development, a design specializing group participated in the design to make the user and patient-centered design. The electrode can change in size and the automatic bed temperature control system provides a better service and trust to the patients.

KIST, Korea University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group (Anam Hospital), Kookmin University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group, and IDnComm participated in the development of NEOTHERMOS, and it was approved by MFDS as a cancer treatment equipment. It was also tested for electromagnetic wave safety, performance, and mechanical safety by KTR (Korea Testing & Research Institute).

Union Medical was established in 1988 and has been developing, producing, and selling medical devices for about 30 years. By exhibiting the high-frequency high heat cancer treatment equipment NEOTHERMOS at KIMES 2021, it aims to become a professional company trusted by patients and users by combining treatment methods.

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KIMES is Korea’s largest medical and hospital equipment show that has made steady growth with the development of the Korean medical industry, starting from its first in 1980. Currently, Korea’s medical industry has transformed into a technology-intensive high-tech industry such as medical information systems, ultrasound machines, imaging medical equipment, robotic medicine, AI, and rehabilitation medicine. KIMES is growing into a world-class medical exhibition while contributing to the advancement of the Korean medical industry. Exhibitors will showcase new technologies and new products in the medical industry, such as advanced hospital facilities, medical information systems grafted with IT technology, and automobile industry for rapid patient transportation.

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