[KIMES 2021] Dt&C confirms as a leader in K-Bio certification at KIMES 2021

Dt&C, the no. 1 KOSDAQ-listed testing and certification agency, will participate in KIMES 2021 to be held in this March to prove that it is a leader in K-Bio certification.

Dt&C Bio Group (CEO Park Chae-gyu, www.dtnc.net) will participate in the 36th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2021) which will run Mar. 18-21 to showcase the unprecedented one-stop test certification service for the medical device sector with its subsidiaries Dt&SanoMedics and Dt&CRO.

Dt&C, a medical device testing organization, is the nation’s first private MFDS testing and testing agency, and possesses the best testing facilities and experts in Korea, such as X-ray, CT, ultrasound, and laser. Dt&SanoMedics, a subsidiary of Dt&C Bio Group, provides Grade 2-4 clinical trial services and ISO14155 consulting services in accordance with Europe’s enforced medical device act (MDR) standards. Dt&CRO provides the non-clinical test service as the MFDS-designated medical device GLP agency.

Dt&C Bio Group can conduct both pharmaceutical and medical device licensing and clinical trials within the group, saving time and cost and also receiving outstanding services that were not seen in existing CROs. It can provide CRO with IT (information technology) and BT (biotechnology), IT convergence technology MoPS (real-time test scheduling program) service, and SEND service, a standard data conversion program for non-clinical test data for applying for new drug approval in US FDA.

The importance of the K-bio industry is gaining more attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the development of the bio industry, speed and safety are two pillars that supports the industry. Starting with exhibiting in KIMES for the first time this year, Dt&C Bio Group will inform the industry about its experience in the field of testing and certification and new facility investments, and promote its leadership in securing the speed and stability of the K-Bio industry.

KIMES is Korea’s largest medical and hospital equipment show that has made steady growth with the development of the Korean medical industry, starting from its first in 1980. Currently, Korea’s medical industry has transformed into a technology-intensive high-tech industry such as medical information systems, ultrasound machines, imaging medical equipment, robotic medicine, AI, and rehabilitation medicine. KIMES is growing into a world-class medical exhibition while contributing to the advancement of the Korean medical industry. Exhibitors will showcase new technologies and new products in the medical industry, such as advanced hospital facilities, medical information systems grafted with IT technology, and automobile industry for rapid patient transportation.

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