[KIMES 2021] CLASSYS introduces new products’ SHURINK UNIVERSE’ and VOLNEWMER at KIMES 2021

(Photo 1: Front view of the headquarter of CLASSYS Tower)

A global medical aesthetic device company, CLASSYS announced that it will participate in 37th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (hereinafter referred to as KIMES 2021) held at COEX, Seoul from Thursday, March 18th to Sunday, March 21st, 2021. As it will exhibit the newest devices in the largest booth at the exhibition, it will comply with the infection control guidelines to engage participants safely, and various methods will be used for effective marketing strategies, such as hosting an online exhibition with customers in webinars.

At this exhibition, CLASSYS will introduce not only SHURINK, which is the most popular and widespread face-lifts device in the domestic market, but also other cutting-edge devices, which will lead the medical aesthetic markets.

(Picture 2: SHURINK UNIVERSE logo)

‘SHURINK UNIVERSE’ is anticipated to remain its popularity, reflecting the latest aesthetic market trend as an upgraded version of SHURINK. With the improvement of the shot speed through the enhanced function, it allows the operator to perform the convenient treatment using the variety of procedures and diverse hand-pieces. Sales revenues of SHURINK has gradually increased since improved consumables were released in the market such as I-SHURINK, V-SHURINK, and S-SHURINK. This has led to revenue growth, and new other devices are also anticipated to remain its popularity.

(Picture 3: VOLNEWMER logo)

‘VOLNEWMER’ is a medical device equipped with radio frequency (RF) technology, and like SHURINK, it has the consumables necessary for each treatment. The dual hand-pieces system reduces the hassle of changing cartridges during the treatment, and the cooling and vibration system relieve pain with improved safety, allowing the patients to experience a fast and comfortable treatment. It takes a long period of time to have performed research and developed it in CLASSYS R&D center; thus, VOLNEWMER strengthens product portfolio strategy. It is also anticipated to attract a lot of attention at KIMES.

CLASSYS’ other types of devices are also expected to attract a considerable attention.
‘ULFIT’ is a device which is developed for the improvement of the elasticity of the abdomen and thighs. By using two types of cartridges, it allows the operator to perform a two-step treatment. In addition, SCIZER is a device that reduces the abdominal circumference. Two areas can be treated simultaneously with using SCIZER’s two hand-pieces, allowing fast treatment on a large area. Especially, its hand-pieces have been recently upgraded to enhance both stability and effectiveness of the treatment. Both devices are developed with the same mechanism of HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound) technology as SHURINK. Accumulated knowledge and technological progress of HIFU technology over a long period of time makes those devices more clinically reliable in a medical aesthetic field. Moreover, it is called “Body SHURINK”, and word-of-mouth increases brand awareness among consumers who are satisfied and familiar with SHURINK.

‘ALPHA’ is a non-invasive subcutaneous fat reduction device that can be selectively applied only in concerned areas through an ergonomic design of various applications such as ALPHA V and ALPHA Queen. After the product launched in 2019, the total number of users has gradually increased, and it has been gradually gaining brand recognition in cryolipolysis device market. ALPHA’s proportion of sales shows increasing trend with stable profitability.

‘TONURV’ is worth considering. A dual long pulse laser using 760nm & 1064nm wavelengths, TONURV is equipped with a scanner hand-piece to quickly deliver energy. This makes TONERV toning treatment less painful with precise treatment.

“Each product of CLASSYS has been highly evaluated by users as a sole medical device. At the same time, special combination programs with our products are well supported, such as SHURINK and ALPHA, ALPHA and SCIZER, and ALPHA and ULFIT, in order to improve the reliability of the products for our users” a company official said. This is the latest beauty trend and has become the particular know-how of CLASSYS that can popularize the medical aesthetic market by satisfying the diverse needs of patients. Sooner or later, various new products also will be released and lead the market through synergetic effect with existing products.”