KIMES 2021 (36th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show) to be held at COEX on March 18!

– The largest medical and hospital equipment exhibition in Korea to present a new medical paradigm in the new normal era!

(Photo description: KIMES_2019_front view)

Convergence medical devices and smart healthcare devices such as K-quarantine, smart hospital and clinic systems, AI, robotic medical devices, big data, skin beauty, and rehabilitation devices at a glance!

With the mission to improve public health, advance medical technology, and vitalize medical and hospital-related industries, the 36th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2021)  will be held in Samseong-dong COEX for four days from Mar 18-21.

Co-hosted by Korea E&EX, Kmdica, and KMDIA and sponsored by MOTIE, MOHW, MFDS, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, KOTRA, KHIDI, Korean Medical Association, Korean Hospital Association, KMWA, Korean Nurses Association, Korea Medical Device Distribution Association, Korea Medical Engineering Association, and Medical Newspaper Company, KIMES 2021 will be held on 40,000㎡ space, combining Hall A, B, C, and D and grand ballroom. About 1,200 Korean and foreign companies will exhibit and introduce more than 30,000 items including high-tech medical devices, hospital facilities, medical information systems, healthcare and rehabilitation devices, and medical related products.

Global companies such as Samsung Electronics, DK Medical Systems, Listem, LG Electronics, SG Healthcare, DRGEM, DRTECH, GE Healthcare, and PHILIPS, along with healthcare companies like InBody and Selvas Healthcare and medical information companies like BITCOMPUTER, Ubcare, and Eghis Healthcare, and other major medical companies like Hanshin Medical (sterilizer), DS Maref (physical therapy), StraTek (physical therapy), Lutronic (laser treatment device), and Insung Medical (medical treatment device) will be participating with new products that reflect the rapidly changing medical environment. In this year’s show, K-Quarantine Special Hall with mobile negative pressure room for the COVID-19 treatment rooms developed by KAIST will be unveiled.

Clean show that thoroughly protects against COVID-19!

In this year’s show, the optimal K-Quarantine system will be implemented to take the safety of the exhibitors and visitors as the top priority to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Based on the experience of safely hosting KIMES Busan 2020 at BEXCO last October, this show will be held by following the government’s social distancing policy and flexible handling of the event according to how the circumstances change.

The entrance and exit of the exhibition hall will be strictly controlled, and a thorough quarantine procedure will be taken. When a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher is detected by a thermal imaging camera or a facial recognition heat sensor, the visitor will take a second measurement with a non-contact thermometer, and the decision to enter or not will be made there. When entering, a full body disinfectant gate and hand sanitizer will be used, and all individuals will be required to wear disposable masks. Security guards to check the wearing of masks and the safety of the show will be placed in the exhibition hall.

Also, according to the quarantine system in the exhibition hall, the path of exhibition will be strictly controlled and social distancing between the visitors will be kept to minimize the contact to prevent infection. The air conditioning facility will run every hour for ventilation and the exhibition hall will be disinfected twice a day.

Various events and auxiliary events for a new business environment in the new normal era!

The exhibition will be divided into Treatment and Medical Information Pavilion in Hall A, Healthcare & Rehabilitation Pavilion in Hall B/D and Grand Ballroom, Test and Diagnosis Equipment Pavilion in Hall C, and Diagnosis and Hospital Facility Pavilion in Hall D.

As the field of medical devices expands to AI, deep learning, and robot science in addition to the existing medical device and the interest for the advanced parts and materials grows, MedicomteK 2021 (Medical Device Parts & Materials Technology Exhibition) will be held at COEX Hall D as a concurrent event, fully prepared to control COVID-19.

With the slogan “Global healthcare, where your days begin again,” Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference (Medical Korea 2021) hosted by KHIDI will be held concurrently, along with conference, seminar & briefing, exhibition promotion pavilion, business export consultation will be held in both online and offline format at COEX Grand Ballroom.

Every year at KIMES, to improve the level of international medical and hospital equipment exhibitions and promote the medical equipment industry, the show selects outstanding companies that have contributed to the development and export of the medical equipment industry and awarded citations from the National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee, MOTIE, MOHW, and MFDS. The award ceremony will be held this year as well on the opening day.

At the COEX Conference Center, various specialized medical information, including medical technology seminars, consulting seminars for opening hospitals, startup seminars, digital healthcare seminars, medical policy briefing sessions, and licensing-related seminars will be provided in response to the changing future medical environment. At Medical Korea 2021 Conference, online sessions with the topics “Global Healthcare,” “Specialized Medicine Academic Exchange,” and “Global Competitiveness of Korean Medicine” will be held, and during the exhibition, offline seminars such as foreign patient attraction project and medical overseas expansion project will be held in the Medical Korea 2021 booth.

Also, the Korean Radiological Technologists Association Seoul Metropolitan Council and the Korea Physical Therapy Association Seoul Metropolitan Council will hold international symposium that give completion (training) points at the conference center on the 3rd floor of the COEX exhibition hall during the exhibition period.

Overseas market development for Korean companies supported by non-face-to-face online/offline video export consultation

With the advent of a new normal era in which non-face-to-face digital conversion is accelerating in the COVID-19 infection situation, KIMES will hold the “2021 Global Medical Equipment Export Consultation (GMEP)” online and offline with KOTRA to open up new sales channel for Korean companies. GMEP is a major convergence conference in the field of medical bio field organized by KOTRA, and export consultation will be conducted with 220 Korean companies and 510 overseas buyers at the video consultation center on the first floor of the COEX Exhibition Hall for two days from Mar. 18 during the KIMES exhibition period. In addition to the medical device online export consultation, it will also hold a GP online briefing session and a GP online export consultation for strategic alliances with global companies.

Opening hours are from 10 am to 6 pm, and it will be exhibited on Saturdays and Sundays for medical personnel working outside the Seoul Metropolitan Area. The admission fee is 10,000 won, and free admission tickets will be given out when registered on the KIMES website by Mar. 17.

For more information, please use the KIMES 2021 Secretariat of Korea E&EX (Telephone (02)551-0102) or the organizer website (