[KIMES 2012 Preview] Stratek will show the equipment to help effectual rehabilitation

Stratek(representative Jong-cheol Park, www.stratek.co.kr) will exhibit rehabilitation-related equipment at ‘The 28th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show(KIMEs 2012)’ held from Feb. 16~29, at Seoul Coex.

(Photo: rehabilitation system ‘G-7’)

‘G-7’is a system that can rehabilitate orthopedic& neurological damage of shoulder  joint by offering bio-feedback to upper shoulder, also it provides many programs such as  joint movement treatment after shoulder surgery, uniform motion, ROM-related auto installation function with rehabilitation program for training.

Also, both of arms can be moved separately, and varied evaluation module simulation option can be chosen by purpose.

(Photo: Orthopedic Shoulder movement equipment ‘CPS-3000’)

Shoulder CPM ‘CPS-3000′ is a specialized-equipment to shoulder joint, it helps effectual rehabilitation of shoulder joint that can be  stiffened, through CPM movement, and it lets upper joint move passively for normal life.

In particular, it’s ergonomic design helps movement of patient in any posture, and many functions like rotation movement, forward and backward movement can be used simply with 2 pieces Arm(Device for arm holding)

Medical & Hospital Equipment exhibition ‘KIMES 2012’, the largest exhibition in Korea, has been committing to modernization of hospital facilities, development of domestic medical equipment industry and expansion of export by exhibiting and introducing superior medical equipment and hospital facilities. In addition, they are showing the direction in which the entire industry is heading through seminar of medical industry policy, seminar of medical science and scholarship, new technology seminar and overseas marketing seminar.