[KIMES 2012 Preview] Poskom to exhibit portable x-ray system

Poskom(representative Jong-rae Park, www.poskom.com) will exhibit rehabilitation-related equipment at ‘The 28th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES 2012)’ held from Feb. 16~29, at Seoul Coex.

(Photo:Portable X-ray system equipped with Battery)

Portable X-ray system is a small and portable x-ray equipment, it features wild usage range from emergency and disaster situation to military training. Especially, Poskom maximized the advantage of portable x-ray equipment with battery.

(Photo: Poskom’s High Frequency X-ray Generator)

In addition, High Frequency X-ray Generator of Poskom is drawing attractions from domestic medical manufacturers and international companies like Philips, GE health care and others, by recognizing technique skills.

In addition, High Frequency X-ray Generator of Poskom is drawing lots of attentions from domestic medical equipment manufacturer as well as international manufacturer like Philips, GE healthcare and others.

Poskom started their business from manufacturing and development of industrial SMPS, and now they made a splendid achievement which manufactures essential part called High Frequency X-ray Generator by challenging electronic medical equipment industry.

Manufacturing process achieved ISO 13458, CE, FDA, UL, CSA, KT and KFD, as a result of thorough quality management and standardization, In particular, they achieved quality certification at the first in X-ray industry, also they push forward continuous technology innovation and challenge to achieve Single PPM for all products.

Medical & Hospital Equipment exhibition ‘KIMES 2012’, the largest exhibition in Korea, has been committing to modernization of hospital facilities, development of domestic medical equipment industry and expansion of export by exhibiting and introducing superior medical equipment and hospital facilities. In addition, they are showing the direction in which the entire industry is heading through seminar of medical industry policy, seminar of medical science and scholarship, new technology seminar and overseas marketing seminar.

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