[KIMES 2012 Preview] PNC International to show medical equipment for diverse autologous cell therapies

PNC International (President: Yongwook Kim, www.pncint.com) is going to participate in KIMES 2012, Seoul, COEX, from Feb 16 to 19, which is the biggest medical & hospital product exhibition in Korea.

(Photo: During KIMES 2011, PNC International had gathered the most attention from overseas buyers among KIMES exhibitors due to its reputation as a leading autologous cell therapy specializing company.)

For years, PNC International has been specializing in R&D and marketing of medical equipment for diverse autologous cell therapies, since it was aware that autologous cell therapy, including stem cell treatment, was going to be considered the future of medical field worldwide, while others considered it too premature. After years of R&D investment and market pioneering, PNC International now became one of the biggest companies in autologous cell therapy field, due to the farseeing insight into the future.

Thus, most of the products of PNC International are related to autologous cell therapies, including CHA-STATION, Multi-Station (stem cell isolation devices), PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Power Cell Lifting (Cell Therapy Lifting), PRF, and Plasma Gel. Since there is no danger of any complications unlike other surgeries and there have been clinically very successful results and also very successful sales records in terms of marketing, PNC International is proudly giving its future vision into the autologous cell therapies.

CHA-STATION – Stem Cell Isolation Device

CHA-STATION is designed and developed for private practitioners to isolate Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) on the spot even in the safest and easiest way so that they can apply the stem cells for diverse applications, especially for Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer (CAL) invented by Dr Yoshimura, preventing from air contamination possibilities, guaranteeing highest cell yields at the same time.

Its advantages are, short separation time (40 min), closed system for no air contamination, syringe use for convenience, ADSCs counting function, and so on.

(Photo: CHA-STATION – Stem Cell Isolation Device)


PURE PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Isolation Kit

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which is a concentration of platelets in a small volume of plasma, is also a condensed form of abundant growth factors found in platelets. PRP condenses and stimulates peripheral growth factors and stem cells to differentiate, to regenerate, and to create collagen and elastic fiber, consequently resulting in skin rejuvenation and enhancement.

PURE PRP is developed to isolate PRP in the most convenient way with the highest cell yields. Its advantages are, compatibility with any centrifuge, only one tube use, only one time centrifugation, short preparation time (10 min), closed system, no air contamination, highly discernable Buffy Coat, high concentration of PRP (10~20 times compared to whole blood), and so on.

(Photo: PURE PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Isolation Kit)


Power Cell Lifting – Multiple Lifting Threads Combined with Cell Therapy

Power Cell Lifting is a new, innovative lifting technique which injects multiple threads for strong lifting effect and for enhancing cell Engraftment to the treatment areas. Multiple threads, made of PDO Material, which is safe enough to have been used for cardiac surgery, perform a role as scaffolds for cell engraftment and guarantee strongest lifting effect ever.

(Photo: Power Cell Lifting – Multiple Lifting Threads Combined with Cell Therapy)

RF 美 (Me) – Radio Frequency Micro-Needle Therapy Device

RF 美 (Me) is designed and developed to ensure dramatic skin rejuvenation/improvement through radio frequency stimulation with its micro-needles injected deep into dermis, resulting in collagen and elastin generation and cell regeneration.

The advantage of RF 美 is the combination with collagen skincare, PUREGEN. Since RF 美 creates holes on skin by micro-needles, collagen penetration gets a way much smoother, guaranteeing highest rejuvenation effect on aged skin.

(Photo: RF Radio Frequency Micro-Needle Therapy Device)

PUREGEN – 99.83% Collagen Cosmetic without any Immune Reaction

Collagen, in the form of elongated fibrils, keeping skin bright and elastic, is mostly found in fibrous tissues. When they get older and arrive at the time collagen creation gets low, their skin gets less clean and elastic and starts to become rough. In other words, if collagen is enough, skin becomes like babies`, elastic, transparent, soft, and having less wrinkles.

PUREGEN is the world`s best purified (99.83%), immune-free atelocollagen, removing telo-peptide which is the cause of immune reaction. Also as the (-) negative ionized water absorbable collagen, it deeply penetrates into (+) positive ionized skin, nourishes, removes wastes, and guarantees dramatic anti-aging effect. Most importantly it is the first medical & cosmetic product as USA FDA Approved as OTC, so it is already having a great attention in United States of America.


(Photo: PUREGEN – 99.83% Collagen Cosmetic without any Immune Reaction)

Besides above products, PNC International also has many kinds of products, eg, RF 美, Nano-Needle, PUREGEN Collagen cosmetic, PNC Centrifuge, Plasma Gel, PRF, Nano-Needle, Deep Freezer, and so on. Please stop by C650 booth for more information during KIMES periods.

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