[KIMES 2012 Preview] Mega Medical to introduce New obesity treatment equipment with varied function

Mega Medical has grown as a leading ‘total solution provider’ in ENT diagnosis and obesity treatment market rapidly expanding due to increasing  awareness of health  as well as demands of family-use medical equipment.

(Photo: NET-260L / LED light source & HD level CCD)

In order to become a leader in this rising industry, CEO BJ. Kim has invested a lot of resources to develop the most advanced medical equipment using the latest technology from the fields of medical engineering, mechanical engineering and circuit technology. With this goal in mind, everyone at Mega Medical is working hard to satisfy the customers. For MEGA MEDICAL a blue-chip company, the staffs are working hard to focus on developing the state-of-the-art medical equipment. Three words that characterize the management style and the attitude of its employees are “challenge”, “trust”, and “creativity”. Now we, Mega Medical. will participate at KIMES 2012, the biggest medical and hospital exhibition in Korea and demonstrate new fabulous products on this year!

The below item is our new obesity treatment equipment which combine 3 kind of units like Carboxy therapy, Meso Therapy and electro-stimulator. These therapies have a close connection for each other so this combined new equipment will provide an unbelievable significant treatment never before!

(Photo: New obesity treatment equipment which has three fuctions to maximize the effect of invasive therapies)

Mega Medical launched new franchise network business, ‘Cell-Line Network Clinic’ which will be spread it in Korean aesthetic clinics based on ‘Cell-Q solution’. This new business model which can provide the know-how of managing aesthetic sliming clinic and maximize the effect of treatment. Moreover, this business model carried out medical treatment along with obesity treatment and they surely offer the manpower have been trained to be the special in aesthetic field. In marketing, they advertise in on/off-line and promote Cell-Line clinic effectively. They are the manufacturer so they don’t need to mention about the supply for devices with their own treatment protocol, together which have been verified and completed by full experience through affiliate clinics in Korea.

They support all things  as a doctor, consult and give the prescription to patient.

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(Photo: Mega Medical booth at KIMES 2011)