[KIMES 2012 Preview] Medicore to exhibit their Autonomic Nervous System Function at KIMES 2012


Medicore(CEO Young-Shin Cho, www.medi-core.com) will launch diagnostic devices for Autonomic Nervous System Function at KIMES 2012, the 28th Korea international Medical & Hospital Equipment Show held from Feb. 16~ to 19, at COEX, Seoul, Korea.

(Picture: Hospital use ANS Analyzer, SA-3000P)

ANS Analyzer diagnoses “autonomic nerve system function”, “the risk of cardiovascular disorder”, “stress”, “ arteriosclerosis”, “peripheral circulation” and “the process of circulation disorder” at one time. There are 3 models of SA-3000P for hospital use, BodyChecker for general healthcare market and Max Pulse for dietary supplementary market.



(Photo: ‘BodyChecker’ for general healthcare market)

(Photo: ‘Max Pulse’ for dietary supplementary market)

DiCAN detects and predicts a risk of diabetic autonomic neuropathy which causes for developing diabetic complication. There are 5 Test to diagnose CAN risk based on Ewing report and HRV orthostatic test.  The test result is automatically interpreted and shrink measurement time up to 10 ~20 minutes.

(Photo: ‘DiCAN’ diagnostic device for Diabetic Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy)

Infrared thermography(IRIS-XP) diagnose neuro-muscular skeletal, inflammatory and vascular disorder objectively which detect functional disorder while X-ray, MRI or Ultrasound detects structural disorder.  Medicore have a lot of interpretation materials and case studies accumulated from clinical experience during past 10 years.

(Photo: ‘IRIS-XP’ Infrared Thermography)

MEDICORE  is innovative developer and manufacturer of Autonomic Function Analyzer, Diabetic Cardiac Neuropathy diagnostic system and Infrared Thermal Imaging System.

With innovative technology and clinical experience, Medicore Co.,Ltd acquired international certificates including FDA, CE, MWH in Japan and SFDA in China.
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