[KIMES 2012 Preview] LASEROPTEK’s special laser equipment

LASEROPTEK will introduce their laser equipment at KIMES 2012 (Korean International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show) which will be held at COEX in Korea from 16 to 19, Feb 2012.

(Photo: LOTUS SERIES(Fractional Long & Short Pulse ER:YAG Laser(2940nm))

The newest model LOTUS II is Fractional Long & Short Pulsed Er:YAG Laser combining the laser peeling(micro peeling) function and Fractional Beam Mode.  We are able to use not only long pulse but also short pulse, which is the advantage of this equipment.  It’s possible to treat various kinds of scars, contract large pores, smooth the facial wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, and peel.  You are sure to get a better effect.

(Photo: HYPERION SERIES(long pulse Nd:YAG Laser(1064nm))

This product is designed to keep a stable energy with uniform beam profile through applying cutting edge technology optics and the maximum output energy of 80Js.

(Photo: HELIOS SERIES(Fractional Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser(1064/532nm))

It’s unique Fractional Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser in the world. Its high Fluence(J/cm2, energy density) can destroy the pigment cells dispersed in dermal layer. This gives prominent effect in treating nevus of Ota and chloasma which cannot be cleared easily. HELIOS II reduces the exposure time of laser beam on skin, so it minimized the damage on normal cells and makes less recovery time. Thus, you will feel no irritation in your everyday lives.

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