[KIMES 2012 Preview] JEJOONG to show varied medical equipment including ESU(COVE) and medical film viewer boxes(DILOS)

Jejoong Medical(www.jejoong-medical.com), a manufacturer and exporter of electrosurgical units and medical film viewer boxes is participating in KIMES 2012, the biggest international medical & hospital equipment show in Korea, at  COEX, Seoul, Korea from Feb. 16 to Feb. 19, 2012 and introducing high frequency ESU(model : COVE), general ESU(model : ZATHA and ZATHA-S), and
medical film viewer boxes(model : DILOS).

(Photo : General ESU ZATHA)

ZATHA and ZATHA-S are the new models in 2012 which were developed by Jejoong Medical Co., Ltd. after 2 years of its own research and development of new technology and Jejoong is going to unveil these new items to the medical appliances buyers from Korea and overseas at KIMES 2012. Before this, Jejoong introduced ZATHA and ZATHA-S through ARAB HEALTH 2012 which was held in Dubai, UAE from Jan. 23 to Jan. 26, 2012 and it is said that Jejoong has obtained satisfactory responses and confidence about
the functions and high performance from lots of medical-related buyers over the world.

‘ZATHA’ and ‘ZATHA-S’ detect the contact between the patient and the return pad and protect the patients from the danger of burning by adopting a micro pulse detecting technology with more than 1,000times/sec. And Jejoong developed the world first new technology ACW(Arc-Controlled Waveform) and it realized ‘ZATHA’ and ‘ZATHA-S’ to minimize the carbonization of the skin tissues which is considered as a weakness other ESUs normally have during surgery. Adopting ACW technology, ‘ZATHA’ and ‘ZATHA-S’ also minimize the 2nd bleeding by electrode tips. They are applicable to endoscope, laparoscope, ENT, dermatology, plastic surgery, veterinary clinics, and general surgeries.

(Photo :HF ESU COVE)

‘COVE’ is a high frequency ESU of 5MHz and enables a fine cut and has a merit of no carbonization during coagulation. It has adopted a timer function for precise and repetitive operations and a plasma spray coagulation for a wider range of bleeding. COVE also adopted a dual monopolar function which enables performing two separate outputs at the same time. COVE is applicable to aesthetic, plastic, dermatology, ENT, and general surgeries.

Jejoong Medical which was established in WonJu city, Korea in 1998 is a company who manufactures and exports high quality medical equipments such as medical fil viewer boxes, high frequency ESU, general ESU, and surgical accessories. Since 1998, Jejoong supplied medical film viewer boxes to medical experts, distributors and hospitals. In 2009, Jejoong developed a high frequency ESU, COVE with its own technology and is supplying it to all over the world. Also, JeJoong developed general ESUs, ZATHA and ZATHA-S with its accumulated knowledge & new technology. They are released as new products of 2012.

Jejoong Medical is proud to be an authorized supplier of high quality medical products with good sales service.
Jejoong provides to a lot of professional surgeons, veterinarians, authorized medical distributors, and government facilities. Their well-experienced technicians are endeavoring for the best medical technologies and all Jejoong members are ensuring their equipments provide of best quality and services.

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(Photo : ARAB HEALTH 2012 at Dubai, UAE)

(Photo: Dilos300)