[KIMES 2012 Preview] Jawon Medical to show blood pressure measuring instrument for 24 hours ‘FA 48’

Jawon Medical (CEO, Won-Hee Park, www.jawon.com) will participate in Korea’s largest medical and hospital equipment show, ‘KIMES 2012’ which will be  held at COEX building, Seoul from Feb. 16 to 19.

They will exhibit various Body Composition Analyzers and Blood Pressure Monitors.

(Picture Description: Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, FA 48)

As a company specialized in Automatic blood pressure monitor for hospital, Jawon Medical has been loved and trusted by its countless customers. In return, we invented an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, FA48.

They have reviewed and analyzed various ambulatory blood pressure monitors from countries such as USA, Japan, Europe, etc and finally invented FA 48 with the advanced technology by supplementing the limitation from the exhibiting models.




(Picture description: Portable Body Composition Analyzer ioi 353)

Jawon Medical’s technology in Body Composition Analyzer field is thoroughly verified by Isotope Dilution Method which is called Golden Method. In addition, They’re proud to say that Their products have high accuracy and reproducibility by using 5 factors (weight, height, impedance, gender and age).

With this technology, Jawon Medical have made twenty kinds of Body Composition Analyzer including X-scan Plus II, XBIA, ioi, etc.

It is a true fact that the technology of Body Composition Analyzer is based on the calculating impedance, not like X-RAY, MRI, and CT.




(Picture Description: Blood Pressure Monitor, EASY X 800)

With the love and trust received from the countless customers, Jawon Medical’s technology in Automatic blood pressure monitor for hospital field has been greatly improved.

As a result, they have accumulated their own know-how which nobody can imitate and our technology is recognized by high volume of sales. In order to have an accurate measurement, their technology even detects a number of variables which change the value of blood pressure. The variables can be occurred when the user moves during the measurement and it can be also occurred in the stable position.

Even when these variables are occurred, they’re trying to make it possible to measure the blood pressure in an accurate and fast way.


(Picture description: The site view of Jawon Medical Co. LTD )

Jawon Medical’s technology in BCA and BPM is greatly recognized, and they awarded the best prize, Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, from Korean government in 2005.

They’re still committed ourselves to continuous development in the medical field.

Under the motto, ‘Makes its way from hospital to home’, their sales records for Automatic blood pressure reach up to approx.100 thousand units, and the sales records for Body composition analyzer reach up to approx.50 thousand units.

Jawon Medica’ said that they always do their best for A/S and maintenance after the sales so that the customers can use our products in accurate and secure way.

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