[KIMES 2012 Preview] i-SENS to show Self Blood Glucose Monitoring System

i-SENS (CEO, Dr. Cha, Geun sig, www.i-sens.com) will introduce self monitoring blood glucose meter CareSens PRO and Electrolyte analyzer i-Smart 30 during the following 16th~19th of February at Coex, Seoul. ‘KIMES 2012’ the largest domestic exhibition for medical devices and hospital equipment.

(Photo: Blood Glucose Monitoring System CareSensN Voice, CareSens LINK, CareSens PRO)

i-SENS is introducing this year, with the unprecedented technology of automated-coding system, CareSens PRO, which uses GDH-FAD enzymes to measure glucose levels in the blood. Not only the CareSens PRO’s luminescent LCD screen makes checking measurements easier and the strip ejection feature enhances convenience for the users, but also, the CareSens PRO is expected to be used in hospitals as well.

(Photo: Electrolyte analyzer i-Smart30 )

i-Smart 30 Electrolyte Analyzers are the first in its class to eliminate the hassle of maintaining the sensor, reagent, etc. of integral type cartridges by using exchangeable cartridges. Also, portability from its small size allows ease of access from examination rooms to various testing sites (POCT).

(Photo: a Manufacturing Facility in Wonju, Korea)

i-SENS has consistently grown ever since its foundation with cutting-edge biosensor technology. i-SENS’ main product, blood glucose monitoring system, is renowned for its quality and technology and is being distributed throughout the world including U.S.A, Europe, Japan, and other 50 or so countries.

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