[KIMES 2012 Preview] HDX’s confidence for Medical total Solution

Total Medical Equipment HDX(representative Hak-jin Jung, www.hdx.co.kr) will show varied medical equipment of domestic prominent medical equipment manufacturer at ‘The 28th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES 2012)’ which will be held on from Feb, 16~19.

(Picture: Dental CT ‘DINNOVA’)

Willmed, a subsidiary company of HDX, shortened picture architecture time drastically, reduced shooting time up to 7 seconds, and improved capability of image processing innovatively by applying new graphic accelerating technique to medical equipment.

In addition, whole face of a patient can be taken as picture, so structure of teeth can be examined exactly, also exposure from X-ray is minimized.

Meanwhile, Willmad will release dental digital X-ray multi-function printer ‘DENTRI’ to realize CT, Panorama, and cephalostat at one equipment simultaneously.

(Picture: Dental digital X-ray multi-function printer ‘DENTRI’ to realize CT, Panorama, and cephalostat at one equipment simultaneously)

Sky Dental’s main product Unit chair ‘W’ is composed with touch panel user interface, and it’s designed ergonomically with dual seat. Also, Varied color and classy pear color are applied for VIP room.

(Picture: Sky Dental’s the most premium unit chair ‘W’ for dentist)

Sky Dental is a dental comprehensive service company to manufacture and sell imaging equipment and unit chairs. They have sold more than 9000 units to internal and external, especially they are a leading company in this industry and advancing to 30 countries of Europe, Australia, SouthEast Asia and others.

HDX marked 30th anniversary, and they provide medical total solution such as manufacture and supply of radioactive isotopes, building and interior of hospital, establishing of radiation facilities, co-management of medical facilities with major hospitals through financing.

The largest medical equipment and hospital facilities exhibition ‘KIMES 2012’ have a plant to committed to development and export promotion of domestic medical equipment industry, and modernization of hospital facilities by introducing and exhibiting superior medical equipment and hospital facilities. Also, They will show the direction in which the entire industry is heading.

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