[KIMES 2012 Preview] Dr.MED of A-MI Industry will be at KIMES 2012

A-MI Industry,has been specialized in designing, manufacturing and distributing its medical brace and support, will exhibit at KIMES 2012 held from Feb. 16 to 19, at COEX, Seoul. They have their own brand  specialized in medical product brand, Dr.MED.

Dr.MED has a range of product line from orthopedic brace to rehabilitation products. A-MI Industry’s R&D team has been designing anatomically and developing new material for our customer life better.

There are Cervical Brace, Low-Back Brace, Knee Brace, Ankle Brace, Elbow Brace, Wrist Brace, Senior Necessities, DME and Others in Product family.

Dr. MED has become a world-wide partner for all those working at medical support / brace and bring customers revitalization & improvement in life while it is recognized technically & functionally more than 40 countries.

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