[KIMES 2012 Preview] Cutting edge beauty medical euiqpment of Infilux

Infilux(Dae Ju Meditech Engineering, CEO Jong-suk Kim, www.infilux.co.kr) will show Aroma(a hair removal diode laser), Pentagon(fractional laser) Arenna(IPL with toning), Cryomax(Cooler), Carboxy(CO2 laser), and others at ‘KIMES 2012’ the biggest medical devices and hospital facilities Exhibition. It will be held at Coex in Seoul from Feb. 16th(Thu) ~19th(Sun).

(Photo: Aroma grand hair removal laser)

Aroma grand is a combined system of 808nm diode laser and Radio Frequency Bipolar energy(1~3MHz). Due to its powerful energy(Mas 600W), more effective permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation are possible.

Pentagon grand artificially makes an injury on the dermis, stimulates fibroblasts inducing healing response of the dermis producing substances like collagen. It is very effective in curing scars, reforming pores and reducing wrinkles.

Arenna grand is the newest mechanism of selective treatment for melasma and pigmentation.
There is no side effects such as burning or PIH, with the shortest TRT by Micro Super Pulse method that divided into 70pulses per each pulse using peak power with short pulse duration.

Infilux, as a manufacturer of medical laser equipments produces superb laser systems such as Aroma diode hair removal laser, Pentagon fractional laser, Arenna super toning.
They achieved FDA approval, ISO and CE certification and export it to many countries.

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(Photo : Pentagon grand CO2 fractional laser)

(Photo: Arenna super toning)

(Photo: booth of Arab Health(Dubai))