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Claymount Assemblies b.v (CEO Mr.Jeffrey Tierie MBA, www.claymount.com) will be a technical exhibitor at KIMES 2012 (Korea Int’l. Medical & Hospital Equipment Show), February 16-19, 2012. Booth # D331 on Hall D, COEX Exhibition Center,Seoul, Korea.

(Photo: Claymount DR, Quix Universal Retrofit Kit, an easy upgrade to Digital X-Ray Imaging)

Claymount Assemblies b.v will show the following products. We are now very pleased to introduce and discuss with you our NEW and EXCITING PRODUCTS also such as Claymount SmartBucky DM,Claymount DR: Quix Universal Retrofit Kit, Claymount DR: Quix-200 Flat Panel detector, Claymount Collimators, Claymount High Voltage Generators, Claymount Harmony Series Docking Stations,Medical and Industrial High Voltage Cables and Solid State Measuring Chambers (SSMC).

Claymount Assemblies b.v is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of system components & modules serving globally, the medical and Industrial X-ray industry.

We have built our preeminent leadership position in this industry based on close co-operation and partnership with local and global original equipment manufacturers. Our core business is to design, manufacture and supply customer specific components that fulfill high quality expectations and just in time demand.

(Photo: Claymount Collimators,  totally lead free, no adjustment of field projection lamp and mirror required, highly configurable platform to cover all types of x-ray systems, analog/digital I/O interface)

(Photo: Claymount DR, Quix-200 Flat Panel detector, based on the proprietary and innovative Plasma DR technology, direct conversion, a Selenium multi-layer)

(Photo: Claymount SmartBucky DM)

(Photo: the Netherland headquarter)

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