[KIMES 2012 Preview] BOSUNGMEDITECH to show lancet and lancing device with enhanced safety and convenience

BOSUNGMEDITECH (President Yuncheol Shin, www.bsmeditech.com) will show an safe lancet, ‘SafeLan’, a brand-new lancing device designed for preventing a reuse of disposable lancets, ‘SafeLan-Pro’ and an electric blood-letting device which enables to minimize pain, ‘SafeLan-Auto’ at ‘The 28th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show(KIMES 2012)’ which will be held from Feb. 16 ~ 19, 2012 at COEX Conference & Exhibition Center.

An all-in-one type of lancet, ‘SafeLan’ enables to prick the skin accurately without vibration of the needle, therefore, it minimizes the pain of blood sampling and it is also safe from needlestick injury because, always, the needle is covered by a protective cap except when used. No risks of accidental needlestick injury associated with recapping. Also, it prevents users from the risk of transmitting bloodborne pahtogens by disposing the whole lancet contaminated with blood after using.
(Related Reference : http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/Safety/AlertsandNotices/ucm234889.htm)
One of its main characteristics is easy to use.

(Description : Lancing device to prevent a reuse of disposable lancets, SafeLan-Pro)

A brand-new lancing device which is designed to prevent a reuse of disposable lancets once-used, ‘SafeLan-Pro’ prevents transmission of blood-borne pathogens. One of its main features of ‘SafeLan-Pro’ is that it has a window to check whether the device is ready to use or not, therefore, it enables to prevent the risk of accidental needlestick injury caused by careless usage.

(Description : An electric bloodletting device to minimize pain, ‘SafeLan-Auto’)

‘SafeLan-Auto’ is an electric blood-letting device which is optimized for Chinese cupping. The device is easy to use and also it minimizes pain by tapping the skin, almost at the same time penetrating.

BOSUNGMEDITECH finalized all of the procedures to receive approval from U.S. FDA and to achieve certification(ISO13485, CE) for entry into the market in the European Economic Area. As the basis to tap overseas market was established, they predicted that “This year will mark the beginning of a new era of export.”

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