KIA MOTORS to launch ‘2011 Carnival’

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> KIA MOTORS announced that it will launch ‘2011 Carnival’ expanding engine line-up with gasoline lambda 3.5 engine and loading customer favored system such as active echo system and cruise control and safety system such as vehicle dynamic control.

KIA MOTORS added Carnival gasoline model loading lambda 3.5 engine to Carnival limousine body with launching of ‘2011 Carnival’.

By adding Carnival gasoline model, KIA MOTORS expands the wide of selection for customers through consisting various engine line-up following R 2.2 engine diesel model and μ 2.7 engine LPI model. It also satisfied customers who want comfortable ride, quietness and top-class spec.

Lambda 3.5 engine is the top class engine and has an economic feasibility with maximum 275ps output, 34.3(kg•m) Torque and 9.2km/ℓ fuel efficiency.