KHIDI provides support to Innovative Korean Startup Companies at CES 2022… Successfully made the CES event a sight to see!

(Clockwise from top left) Link Optics, 1drop, Curaum, Biot Korea, Awesome Lab, and J2C booths at the CES 2022 | Photo – AVING NEWS

The Korean Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) provided support to the participation of South Korean innovative startup companies attheCES 2022 held in Las Vegas, USA from January 5th to 7th.

CES, held in an online and offline hybrid format, has returned to Las Vegas after two years. 11 indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces were prepared and more than 40,000 field participants including 1,800 media were welcomed in the event. Of these, 30 percent were participants from outside the United States, bringing the number of participating countries to 119.

More than 800 startups from 19 countries around the world this year graced the Eureka Park exhibition hall, the startup hub of CES. Sky Drive’s air taxis, Scen Tronix’s Every Human algorithm perfume, and AI-powered Orbisk’s fully automated food waste monitoring system were showcased at the event. At the Venetian Expo, the European Pavilion was set up for the first time, allowing visitors to see the latest technological innovations in Europe.

During CES 2022, interest in hygiene and health needs was particularly high due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the focus was placed on the health sector, wherein for the first time in history, healthcare company Abbott CEO Robert Ford gave the keynote speech. To add to that, companies focusing on telemedicine and wearable devices like bio Moderna, a biocompany, participated in the exhibition and unveiled cutting-edge technologies.

The Korean Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) prepared an opportunity to provide various information as part of helping South Korean companies participating in the CES advance into the US market. Soon-man Park, president of the US branch of the KHIDI, presented about the US market trend of ‘Healthcare & Wellness’ industry, and Ki-dae Kim, publisher and editor of Las Vegas AVING USA covering CES for 17 consecutive years, talked abouthot issues in the CES.

The Korean Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) was opened in March 2018 as part of the startups and ecosystem revitalization project. By helping companies discover excellent ideas and technologies, and by assigning a dedicated project manager (PM) to each one, it provides omnidirectional support for expert consulting, technology evaluation, investment attraction, and market support.

At CES 2022, as part of the start-up package support project, they providedsupport to ‘1drop’, a healthcare company that provides innovative solutions for disease prevention, improvement, and management, and ‘Curaum’, a healthcare company that has introduced an oral device for measuring sleep apnea. In addition to that, as part of the non-face-to-face startup promotion project, they also supported Age Tech startup ‘Sylvia Healthcare’ that solves various physical and psychological problems experienced in the aging process through cutting-edge technology, and ‘Biot Korea,’ a company that researches and develops medical robot systems.

Meanwhile, CES, the world’s largest IT exhibition, is an exhibition where you can grasp the flow of the global home appliance industry at a glance. It is hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and is held every January. AVING NEWS, which has been covering CES for 16 consecutive years, has been sending the most news around the world every year since 2006, and will host ‘Best of CES 2022’ to select the best innovative products and technologies and ‘BEST OF MADE IN KOREA’ to select notable Korean companies. In addition, AVING LIVE, which conveys issues at the CES site, will be held for 7 days including Media Day.

* Special Reporters: Ashley Kim, Joseph Choe, KidaiKIm, Dongkwan Kim, Mokkyung Lee, Sangun Choi, Yeawon Choi, Wansu Kim, James Lee

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