[KES 2012 on-site] What Do You Do When Your LED Power Cuts Out?

At the 2012 Korea Electronics Show, S&Y Tech are exhibiting a general-use power supply source that can provide power to a variety of LED lights and a power source utilizable by Desktop PCs.

The S&Y Tech general-use LED power source implements the constant current circuit design to optimize the lifespan of LED lighting. It’s fitted with a large capacity 300W – 1KW drive and a resonance circuit keeps the emission of heat low. The device is supported by a 90VAC – 280VAC wide power voltage bandwidth and so can be used in any country.

Speaking of the product, an S&Y Tech spokesperson commented as follows: “Street lights, studio use, plant cultivation: it can be used in many applications and a wide variety of products.”

S&Y is also exhibiting its desktop power outlet. It is 12 volts and can be used up to 95% output. It can supply a continuous high current to a graphics card. It generates little heat, and since it uses 0.2W on standby it wastes very little power.

S&Y Tech has been manufacturing power source supply products for twenty years and is an expert organization in the field. The company has a wealth of experience working at the very top of industry with Samsung and LG. They are well-versed in UL and TUV international safety standards, and their products have been used by companies overseas.