[KES 2012 on-site] IT Convergence Pavilion: Perfect Synthesis Yields Synergy

What is convergence?

(Photo: IT Convergence Pavilion)

In short, it refers to various kinds of hardware or software based on digital technology that may be different in regards to their original use or form but which produce synergy when fused together internally.

The problem, of course, is the technical knowledge needed to tease out this kind of convergence. The IT Convergence Room at this year’s KES gives you an opportunity to see what the fuss is all about at booths from a variety of companies working in the area.

Future Robots has launched robots capable of interacting with people; Jiwu Media offers solutions for sharing multimedia that cover TVs, PCs, and projectors; and PLK Technology has invented a way to stop traffic accidents by monitoring the alertness of the driver.