[K-chemicals 2021] Promising Korean cosmetic companies stretches their overseas expansion through ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition’!

Promising Korean cosmetic companies are releasing their flagship lineup through upcoming 2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition from March 22nd until 26th to pave the way for export opportunity.

△ Participating Companies – The Blessedmoon Co.,Ltd., PaaNeeCo Inc., BK Beauty Co., Ltd., Youngwon Costech Co., Ltd., MAP Company Co., Ltd., Mindminer Co., Ltd., CH BIO Co., Ltd., Bio Solution Co., Ltd., MSM Global, Huna Cosmetics Co., Ltd., GGI International, World Sponge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

▲The Blessedmoon released trendy and beautiful fashion & beauty life product ‘Like a Shadow, Fluffy Lip Tint, Vita Kit, Blessed Moon Kit’

The Blessedmoon’s market aims female customers from teenagers to woman in their 30s. Two main sales channels are online and offline. Online platform includes their official mall, Amazon, Costco, Qoo10, Shopee, Lazada, Ebay and more, and offline includes Hyundai Department Store Duty Free Shop, Japan PARCO Department Store, U.K MK2UK Road-shop and more.

Like A Shadow is long-lasting large capacity glitter shadow. It is a serum control formulation that lightly compresses the oil-coated particles and has a moist and reflected light effect without worrying about powder flying, and holds oil around the eyes.

It maintains a long time without smearing or crease, and is a product that does not have the peculiar tightness of powder with a plant-derived silica ingredient. In addition, it is a glitter shadow that has a wide range of choices with a total of 5 colors, and can be displayed with various lights depending on the angle.

BlessedMoon Kit is All-in-One makeup product. It contains total of 6 component of makeup products; concealer, cheek, 2 eye shadows, lip, liner, and brush. All of them are packaged in a single lipstick-sized kit, and it also received a design patent for its beautiful design. In addition, it is very portable, easy for full makeup and refillable sliding container can be customized according to your taste.

The BlessedMoon is planning to release new product within this year; cultured cream using Galactomyces that is well known for anti-aging ingredient, high moisture ampoule that captures deep dryness, various color lipsticks, 4 well shadow palette that combines various of colors, eyeliner with natural extracts, foundation pact with Galactomyces ingredients.

The BlessedMoon official aims to reach one billion KRW sales in East Asian market, and sign a 300 million KRW contract from Spain main buyer, and also form a distribution network in Europe.

▲ PaaNeeCo, Inc. introduces ‘disinfection and hygiene products’ with 75% alcohol to optimize disinfection

PaaNeeCo, Inc. is manufacturer of disinfection and hygiene products against viruses. The products are alcohol sanitizing wipes, alcohol sanitizing gel, large pump container for sanitizing gel, alcohol hand sanitizing mist, KF94 masks, dental masks and more variety of products. Also, the capacity of each product line has been diversified according to the customer’s demand.

PaaNeeCo, Inc. has a brand ‘KLEAN’, and for domestic market, it is KLEAN-19, and for export, it is KLEAN-75. There is total 6 warehouses across USA, such as LA, Dallas, California, New York, Texas, and Atlanta for efficient shipping and transportation. PaaNeeCo, Inc. is now targeting large retailers such as Costco, Wal-Mart and others and also distribution company such as Softbank(WeWork).

Currently, tissues come with 10 sheets, 60 sheets, 100 sheets, and 550 sheets line up, and gels in 500mL, 5L, and 18L containers. Also, spray comes in 150mL, and 300mL and have KF94 and dental masks. PaaNeeCo, Inc.’s manufacturing capacity of KF94, and dental masks are about 200 million masks per month. MRSA certified 99.9% pneumococcus disinfection rate, and also FDA sanitary aid approved. Not only that, it received an approval for household chemical products subject to safety confirmation by the Ministry of Environment of Korea .

None of PaaNeeCo, Inc. product has hazardous substance, and scent additive. All of the products contain more than 75% alcohol. WTO and other international organization studies prove that the maximum effect of disinfectant products can be achieved when it contains 75% alcohol.

PaaNeeCo, Inc. is planning to produce 30 sheets and 800 sheets of sanitizing wipes, and refillable 500mL sanitizing spray for the future.

PaaNeeCo, Inc. official stated “Through this exhibition, we want to inform ‘KLEAN’ brand that has the best quality, mass production ability, logistics, and price.”, and “we are currently supplying heavily populated area with large sanitizing products, such as shared offices (WeWork), government offices, tourist attraction and more. With this ability and competitiveness, we want to enter foreign market”

▲BK Beauty Co., Ltd. introduces functional All-in-One oil drop Essence with wrinkle improvement and whitening

BK Beauty Co., Ltd. provides cosmetic OEM, ODM, OBM business and services as customers demand. Through its global network, they provide and sell the product as our customer requested with partners from Southeast Asia, Europe, and Northeast Asia.

BK Beauty Co., Ltd.’s brand ‘BK Contour Cosmetic’ developed an all-in-one type of oil drop essence without the need to use toner, serum, and essence at the same time. This product continuously releases active ingredients to eliminate the inconvenience of applying excessive ingredients on the skin. It is a functional cosmetic for wrinkle improvement and whitening using natural ingredients, ingredients that meet the EWG grade standards are added. By adding a large amount of water-soluble collagen instead of purified water, it is a product suitable for the current market that requires specialization and differentiation of natural materials.

The products from BK Beauty Co., Ltd. will be supplied through makeup distributor ‘CKY’ from upcoming 25th, and other than existing foreign network, signed contract with ‘Petit Skincare’ to supply skincare franchises in domestic market.

BK Beauty Co., Ltd. official said “With the launch of ‘BK Contour Series’ in December 2019, we’ve been providing product presentations, training and support for overseas buyers since May last year”, and “From 2021, we want to train managers to be assigned to each country, and support educational training for those managers, support sales and management system, and establish promotion policies for outstanding channels”

▲Youngwon Costech Co., Ltd. introduces creative minimalism skincare brand ‘Look At Me’

Youngwon Costech Co., Ltd. launched creative minimalism skincare brand ‘Look At Me’ back in 2014 with more than 30 years experiences in the field. ‘Look At Me’ provides products for modern people who are busy but still want to invest time to make themselves more beautiful with more convenience and simplicity.

Main products of ‘Look At Me’ are mask pack, nose pack, eye patch and foot pack. To make clean and pure product, an official from Youngwon Costech Co., Ltd. said “We aim to produce honest products without using unnecessary materials and elements.” In addition, he added, “We are presenting products at competitive prices by focusing on the necessary parts, excluding unnecessary costs.”

Youngwon Costech Co., Ltd. has recently launched watermelon soothing gel suitable for upcoming summer season. In addition, they plan to launch a new line of products by releasing eye cream, eye serum, toner, and hair products in the future.

An official from Youngwon Costech Co., Ltd. said “I wish this exhibition becomes an opportunity to tell all different media, distributors and buyers about what ‘Look At Me’ really wants to achieve and true value of our brand”, “We want to expand our export to other countries than ones we are already exporting to, such as USA, Canada, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, and spread K-beauty all over the world”

▲MAP Company Co., Ltd. introduces smart ‘skincare’ product for skins

As a cosmetics brand developer, they are selling and exporting over 100 SKU of skincare, makeup and cosmetics accessories under two brands called ‘The ORCHID Skin’ and ‘YUHADA’. In Korea domestic market, they are operating 4 shops including duty free, and currently exporting to 25 different countries. There are 3 major products.

More than one million of ‘Moisture Tok Tok Hand Cream’ was sold in 2019 to prove its popularity. This product is a so-called ‘water drop’ type hand cream, and when rubbed on the skin, water droplets are formed on the skin, so you get the moisturizing effect.

‘Orchid Eye Patch’ is divided to 2 different types, ‘Elastic’ for wrinkle improvement, and ‘Smoky’ for dark circles. More than 30 million units of those two products were sold in 2019. Adhesive of the products are not chemical adhesive, but by condensing active ingredients, and was developed by applying a patented technology ‘elastic water-containing gel’ for efficient skin delivery of active ingredients.

MAP Company Co., Ltd. said “We are currently developing serum and cream containing vitamin components, and to finish up skincare line, we are planning to develop day cream and night cream”

Regarding this exhibition, “I hope that there will be an opportunity to hold meetings with retailers and cosmetics sellers from around the world to have online sales channels in accordance with the changing consumption patterns due to the COVID-19 incident that began last year.”

▲Mindminer introduces kids safe makeup brand ‘RECIPEBOX’

Mindminer plans products based on many years of beauty industry experience and e-commerce category management experience. In addition, they maximize the value of products based on experience related to industrial design. Mindminer focuses on offline, export, and channel expansion based on online commerce.

Mindminer mainly sells products of the kids cosmetics brand ‘RECIPEBOX’. Their main business targets are beauty, kids cosmetics, kids skin care, and kids products.

‘RECIPEBOX’ produces kids cosmetics with safe ingredients for children who are unprotected and exposed to low-cost products with unknown ingredients. ‘RECIPEBOX’ products are EWG green grade, use natural ingredient and non-irritation test completed. To provide reasonable prices, they minimized distribution margins and got rid of unnecessary marketing.

Mindminer official said “We are taking various challenges to expanding overseas markets. We are promoting our brand and continuing our efforts to expand sales channels starting with distributor contracts with China, Philippines, and Malaysia and more.”, “and by using online channels, we are selling to Southeast Asia using Shopee and later we want to enter Amazon”

▲Say NO! to Hygiene concerns. CH Bio Co., Ltd. introduces hygiene products for women

CH Bio Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and obtained 4 patents for women’s cleansers, sanitizers, 1 practical new design, 9 trademark registration, etc. and conducted various clinical trials on products. Since 2019, after their first export to Russia, they exported products to China and Vietnam, accelerating their entry into overseas markets.

CH Bio Co., Ltd.’s feminine cleanser products are hygienic by using self-developed and patented disposable applicator. Traditional disposable feminine cleansers are wrapped with vinyl, so there were problems such as damage due to external factors or pressure. In addition, the handle was not distinguished, so there was a concern for hygiene as the hand comes into contact with the nozzle inserted into the body. To improve these kind of problems, CH Bio Co., Ltd. developed their own applicator after their own R&D, and secured the reliability of quality and products through various clinical trials. In addition, the product contains a large amount of natural extracts, so it does not irritate the skin even if it is used on the vagina or vulva.

CH Bio Co., Ltd. is developing an automatic device for more convenient and hygienic use of feminine cleanser products in the future, and it has completed domestic patent registration and PCT application. In addition, basic cosmetics such as eye cream or serum will be released with a dedicated complex applicator. The applicator has already been patented.

CH Bio Co., Ltd. said “We participated in the exhibition to effectively inform a large number of people in the untact(non-contact) society. We aim to promote our products through the online exhibition hall, and look forward to discovering new buyers and expanding sales channels.”

▲Bio Solution Co., Ltd. introduces ‘STeM水’ which contains abundant Cell Therapy know-how and skin cell health

Bio Solution Co., Ltd. established on January 14, 2000 for the purpose of developing technology for cell therapy products and manufacturing and sales of cell therapy products. Our leading business’s main areas include cell-based therapeutics with their background in somatic and stem cell technology, manufacturing, sales, and R&D of human tissue models for screening toxicity and Efficacy with our tissue engineering technology. Business target of Bio Solution Co., Ltd. is a distribution company specializing in skin care cosmetics.

‘STEMSOO’ is official flagship cosmetic brand from exiting human stem cell cultured media ‘STeM水’. All the products from the brand ‘STEMSOO’ are based on patented raw material from Bio Solution Co., Ltd. such as human stem cell cultured media, human stem cell cultured media exosome, cell regeneration peptide.

They released BSP-11 which contains SP ingredients which has outstanding skin regeneration ability and ‘STEMSOO’ based on human stem cell cultured media that boosts the rejuvenation process in the skin. It is also receiving good reviews in the cosmeceutical field.

Biotechnology is researching new formulations not only to prevent aging, but also to solve skin-related problems such as acne, redness and etc. It shows an attempt to change in various aspects such as product differentiation, promotion, marketing activation, and distribution channel expansion based on excellent technology based on bio-medical and cosmetic products.

Bio Solution Co., Ltd. said “We participated in the exhibition to establish a position as a cosmetic raw material and ODM company representing Korean cosmetics,” and “Through STEMSOO products, we are trying to prove the excellent technology and quality level that is not behind the world’s leading cosmetic companies.”

▲MSM Global introduces world-recognized anti-aging skin care products

MSM Global is introducing the products to the market through SNS and many different exhibitions under the name of ‘KyoungMi’. It is recogized that ‘KyoungMi HwiYo’ and ‘HAirang water drops cream’ contain natural ingredients to calm and brighten their skin. Through this, ‘KyoungMi HwiYo’ product line has exported to Laos during the first year of the business. Also, buyers from other countries such as Vietnam and Uzbekistan are discussing business with them.

Also, HAirang water drops cream attained good reviews from many testers in North America. People can find KyoungMi’s products from various online shopping malls including Amazon.

‘KyoungMi HwiYo’ contains a patented ingredient ‘KW-10’ that helps with whitening and anti-aging. ‘KyoungMi HwiYo’ product consists of a mask pack and a mist product. ‘HwiYo Mask Pack’ uses natural sheet paper to deliver the KW-10 ingredient to the skin without damaging it by increasing its adsorption power and rate. ‘HwiYo Mist’ is equipped with a mist spray to deliver nutrients deep into the skin. In addition, these products are FDA approved to guarantee the safety of the products.

MSM Global is now preparing launch of ‘Ara Signature Ampoule Serum’, ‘Smoothie Jelly Cleaning Foam’ and more new products. These serum products are designed as a moisture-resistant serum that can be used in the humid climate of Southeast Asia and East Asia, and is currently in the stage of preparation for sales and production.

MSM Global said “I realized it is very important to market and promote products to buyers from all over the world through online exhibition, and when COVID-19 is under control and we are able to have offline exhibition, we will market our existing product and to be launched product in person”

▲Huna Cosmetics Co., Ltd. introduces skin irritation free, natural ingredients brand ‘Dr. HUNACELL’

Huna Cosmetics Co., Ltd. launched ‘Dr. HUNACELL’, an aesthetic functional cosmetics brand, and sells about 30 functional cosmetics. Huna Cosmetics Co., Ltd. said, “The targets for sales and transactions are manufacturing and distribution companies capable of ODM and OEM production, and distribution companies specializing in cosmetics such as general consumers and cosmetics wholesale distributors and online sales companies, and aesthetic skin care shops.”

‘Dr. HUNACELL’ is an aesthetic functional cosmetic that focuses on whitening and wrinkle-improving functional effects. By researching to make sensitive skin feel safe, it has launched more than 30 products including cleanser, toner, serum, ampoule, cream, sun cream, mask pack, BB cream and etc. Especially 2 types of cream with spicule, and whitening cream with tone-up effects are popular in overseas. Dr. HUNACELL product does not cause skin troubles, has a skin soothing effect, and protects skin with moisturizing layer. Botanical ingredients that enhance the moisturizing effect are the main ingredients to increase the moisturizing effect.

The two cleansers do not contain chemical surfactants, and the four anti-aging ampoule products do not contain chemical preservatives for safe anti-aging management. Dr. Hunacell cosmetics proved to be a non-irritating product through a skin irritation test at a specialized institution in Korea. As a low-cost cosmetic brand for export, it is expected to release four basic cosmetics under brand name of ‘Derma Hunashot’.

An official from Huna Cosmetic said, “We participated in this exhibition to promote brands and products and to create an opportunity to grow as an export company by expanding export channels.” and “Our company will maintain optimal production processes for consistent high-quality products and planning to release new products through development investment. We will grow as a K-beauty company with the best quality, competitive price, and endless efforts and investments.”

▲GGI International reveals ‘RUAHIN’, ‘DILKUSHA’ and Luxurious Brand ‘PETIT PINK’

Since the establishment of the company in 2007, GGI International has achieved remarkable growth by focusing on total beauty. Our brand has developed a corporate culture of total cosmetic business based on exceptional quality and mutual cooperation with partners and distributors. In addition, the brand has been exported to China, Japan and Vietnam through an aggressive online and offline distribution, expanding its presence not only in the domestic market, but the global market as well. Currently, we have released RUAHIN and DILKUSHA as our main products familiar to the public as well as luxurious brand PETIT PINK to provide a high-quality shopping experience.

▲World Sponge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduces ‘Makeup Tools’ that will take convenience to next level

World Sponge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, and currently supplying for world-class cosmetic companies such as L’OREAL, BENEFIT, SEPHORA, AVON, KANEBO & KOSE and more. Production plants are operating in China and Indonesia.

Makeup tools not only allow you to apply makeup quickly and easily, but also allow you to apply the product smoothly and evenly, and express a perfect finish, so it is important to know the makeup tools for each product. To line up with this, World Sponge Co., Ltd. provides makeup tools such as sponges, brushes and puffs of various styles and materials that can enhance product application.

‘Merry-Go-Round Applicator Container’ is an all-in-one product with applicator and container, so user can choose from 5 different types of applicator for right application. ‘Twister Eyeshadow Applicator Pen’ was created by supplementing the problems of the products currently sold in the market. Unlike existing products, it is a structure with the sponge-bonded body, and it is rotated by pressing a button and the contents inside of the lid are used.

‘Air Brush Container’ is different from product currently sold in the market since it can discharge powder without positioning the applicator upright. ‘Air Powder Container’ is one of the latest products that was developed, when the shifter is pressed, powder gets discharged. Since users do not have to shake the container, users do not have to worry about messiness and easy to control amount of poweder.

World Sponge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said “We want to develop creative products that are not currently in the market, but still user friendly.”

Meanwhile, ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition’ is non-face-to-face way to support overseas marketing of Korean domestic companies and provides industrial chemical products (paints, adhesives, surfactants, MDI, Polybutene, polyols, catalysts, blowing agents, additives, pipes, household plastics, etc.) and cosmetics (sunblock, serum, ampoule, skin, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.), which is the biggest scale within domestic market. This year, about 270 companies participated to provide flagship products and services.

In particular, this exhibition supports 3D technology-based exhibition halls and booths structures, and specialized chemical product content production, exhibition, and online marketing for overseas buyers.

Currently, the most major domestic industries such as electronics and automobiles are closely linked with the chemical industry as the center. In line with this, the Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA), the organizer, is helping domestic chemical companies enter oversea markets with various support such as export, research and analysis, technical standards, HDR support, as well as response to international agreements. The chemical industry aims to achieve exports of 330 million dollars in 2021.