[K-chemicals 2021] Promising domestic cosmetic company ‘2021 Chemical Field Online Exhibition’ to strengthen overseas expansion!

Promising domestic cosmetics companies participated in the ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition’ held from March 22 to 26 and revealed their main lineup to establish a foothold for overseas expansion.

△Participating Companies- Gluire Cosmetics Inc, Marine Pack Co. Ltd. , Dilly Dilly Inc. Muldream, The Partners Co., Ltd. BAC Korea, Juans Biotech Inc., Pascal International, Bouncell, Balance Monster Co.,Ltd, Mamanas, FAU Co., Ltd., Equipforskin Co., Ltd.

AC Calming Skin Care, provided by Gluire Cosmetics.

▲Gluire Cosmetic INC., presented functional products for easy home skin care

The company developed products that are customized for antiaging, and skin concerns according for each part. In addition, the products provide with skin care that arises according to carious skin types, characteristics, and concerns. Anyone can easily and conveniently use the skin-friendly at home. It also prevents early aging by activating the skin cells using plant-based skin friendly ingredients rather than using chemicals.

Gluire Cosmetic INC. Has completed the development of the professional antiaging line of products that utilizes the use of bacteria that releases lactic acid to help activate each skin cells. This allows for a healthy turnover and creates a biorhythm that is healthy for the skin. Furthermore, the Gluire Microbiome line of products is an anti-aging skin care that starts in the 20’s for the users as the bio-line that slows the progression of early aging and rejuvenates the skin’s elasticity and vitality.

Gluire officials said “I want to spread the idea that the climate change that is occurring globally has an impact on the skin.” In addition, the officials added “we want to go beyond the Asian Market and reach Europe and the American market.

KITA_Marine Pack_Pouch 11, Provided by Marine Pack Co., Ltd.

▲ Marine Pack INC. introduces eco-friendly bio products using seaweed

Marine Pack has developed hydrogel mask pack, algae natural soap, natural heap class air filter, and diapers using sea algae eco-friendly absorbent using algae biomaterial processing technology. Products are diversifying the pharmaceuticals. The company also plans to release natural absorbent diapers and sanitary pads made from seaweed extracts.

An official from Marine Pack company said “As one of the ways to promote our products overseas, we will continue to participate in online exhibitions so that we can expand our products via online promotion and increase sales in this contact less era.

Love velvet Moisture Lipgloss, Provided by Dilly Dilly Inc.

▲Dilly Dilly Inc. unveiled ‘Dilly Dilly,’ a makeup cosmetics brand reflecting women’s skin tones and culture

Dilly Dilly INC. has a large spectrum of colors, and it provides products for women. Since the product was made primarily for the Koreans the colors of products needed to match that of the global scale. The company is developing and exporting products based on that need and targeting the global market like so. There are branch offices overseas to keep the communication close to keep local customers satisfied and receive feedback from. These data are then analyzed and used to develop better and more fitting products.

Dilly Dilly plans to strengthen its brand by increasing the number of lipsticks, lip gloss, and eye shadow diversity and color selections. The company is also trying to increase its product diversity by including skin care used before and after make up to keep the skin healthy and clean.

Dilly Dilly officials said, “We are participating the exhibition to introduce our vision and philosophy to the overseas market.” The official also said “we hope to work in partnership with a lot of different regions and streamline the idea of k-beauty to become a globally leading cosmetic brand.”

Vegan Green Mild Hyaluron Moisture Ampoule, Provided-Muldream’s Official Mall

Muldream, introducing vegan green mild hyaluronic moisture ampoule.
“It is a moisturizing ampoule that controls sebum and fills the moisture inside,” said Hye-jin Kim, the CEO of Muldream, and said, “It contains 11 ingredients of hyaluronic acid to help moisturize/improve skin barrier/elastic care.”
The CEO also said, “It is a pudding jelly-type formulation that is neither too heavy nor too light, so it is absorbed quickly and gives a deep hydration.” The CEO added “It contains panthenol and ceramide NP, which helps strengthen the skin barrier.”

Egg facial cleansing device, provided by The Partners

▲The Partners Introduces egg facial cleansing device

The Partners manufactures and distributes Korean cosmetics and beauty care products. Products are sold in dermatology and specialized esthetic shops, social network, and duty-free shops.

The officials from the Partners said, “Our brand is recording amazing sales through word of mouth and reviews.” The following are the features of the flagship product “Egg Facial Cleansing Device.”

△Can be used as any cleanser without a dedicated cleanser △Non-irritant deep cleansing without friction △Semi-permanent use without replacement of silicon △Stick-type design for convenient grip and feel (Patented Design) △100% waterproof(IPX7 grade) △6 months battery life with one charge △Hypoallergenic cleansing with tap vibration △3 step cleansing mode and 3 step massage mode △Fine dust removal and deep cleansing of the pores △Progress notification sound functionality to indicate the cleansing time △USB charging can be plugged in universally △In case of product defect, warranty available for 1 year after purchase.

BBAC Homme Moisture All-in-one Essence, BBAC Homme Refresh All-in one Essence Provided by BAC Korea

▲BAC Korea unveils All-in-one Essence for men

BAC Korea’s basic facial treatment includes an All-in-one product which acts for both whitening and anti-wrinkle. BBAC Homme Moisture All In One Essence features a gel type cream which is moist but not sticky to enhance the delivery of moisture far underneath the skin. Also, BBAC Homme Moisture All In One Essence has an excellent calming effect and equalizes skin tone through antioxidation.

According to BAC Korea’s representative, they are working to establish an one-stop OEM platform to design, produce and ship any products according to their customer’s needs. Also, they are working to build a global brand, with other global companies around the world.

GoodDay Skincare Facial Mask, provided by Juans Biotech Inc.

▲Juans Biotech Inc., Introduction of Turmeric Cosmetic Brand “GoodDay Skincare’

Juans Biotech Inc., established in 1986, produces health functional foods using tumeric, cinnamon, and rose hip which are the main ingredients of the ‘GoodDay Skincare’ products. Their products have been verified for their effectiveness of the oral intake, and through lab research with beauty partner in France, they have developed the raw material mixture ratio for the most effective absorption which led to the launch of ‘GoodDay SkinCare’ Brand

The Turmeric Cream and Turmeric Facial Mask fundamentally maintains clear skin through skin whitening, and improves blemishes and skin troubles, which were difficult to recover with other methods, using their patented ‘Turmeric, cinnamon, and rosehip’ element extract. The microscopic elements extracted from the materials permeate deep underneath the skin to keep the skin moist for long hours, and the improvement of blemishes is visible within 4 weeks of usages. This can only be possible through the anti-inflammatory effect of the components in turmeric.

Juans Biotech will launch “Rosehip Mist” in May, alongside turmeric foam cleanser, cream, and facial mask. Their representative announced, “Before the launch, they will be hosting events on Social Media to advertise their brand especially in the US market in order to promote the image that our product is the only solution to the clean and clear facial care to more customers..”

We Sell Hope’s Evening Primrose Essence Oil,
provided by Pascal International

▲Pascal International introduces Evening Primrose Essence Oil

Pascal International began as a trading company for cosmetics and beauty products in 2015. From 2016 to 2019, they produced and exported cosmetics and OEM products to their partners in Poland and England. In 2019, they feel the need of having a company of their own, begin developing new products and launch ‘We Sell Hope’ in January 2020. As their cosmetics are vegan, they only use natural ingredients, and are already seeking the approval from the FDA and EU’s CPNP as well as applying for trademark in EU, US, Japan and Vietnam.

Pascal International’s Evening Primrose Essence Oil is made only from natural ingredients.
Using cypress oil, they were able to eradicate the stickiness and the greasy smell of regular oils.
The nutrients of the evening primrose will produce a healthy and moist feeling from underneath the skin.

The moment our oil is applied throughout the skin, moisture will be absorbed and the scent of the forest will spread around the face. Customers choose this product also because how cost effective it is relative to other products.

Pascal International plans on producing sunblocks, creams, and ample products that use components from seaweed. Pascal Internation’s representative spoke, “Through this exhibition, we are looking to find new partners and actively advertise our brand”

Bouncell, Provided by Bouncell

▲Bouncell presented self-developed bouncell’s surfactant.

Founded back in 2012, Bouncell began their business with the development of “Formula”, an indegenous material and their anti wrinkle product. Bouncell’s products focus on active material which uses high quality natural products and the use of indegenous material, “Formula”. Bouncell handles variety of materials based on their functions which leads to research, development, and production of new products to keep up with the fast paced cosmetic market

Bouncell’s products pass through multiple experiments and researches done by experts, thus the products are very high in quality and function.
Experiments and researches focus utilization of natural ingredients and materials that are high in functionality.

Bouncell handles all processes starting from development to production, allowing competitive price range, and also quick in understanding the changes in the current market to provide products with different concepts. Many countries have already begun utilization of solubilizing agent and surfactant developed by Bouncell on a regular basis, thus steadily increasing the amount exported. Also in last December, Bouncell has successfully developed a better solubilizer with better price range.

Bouncell plans to actively participate in KSCIA 2021 to advertise their products.
Unlike Korea, international markets keep searching for new materials to test with, and because of that, Bouncell plans on introducing materials that are not widely known along with materials they have developed on their own.

Bouncell’s representative said, “Chances to meet new buyers have dramatically decreased due to COVID19, but through this exhibition, we hope to successfully advertise our products to new buyers from different countries. We’re also hoping to host meetings with new buyers.”

Botanic multi dry oil, provided by Balance Monster

▲Balance Monster INC. introduces Ovalla, producer of Vegan certified products.

Balance Monster Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics manufacturing and sales company. “Ovalla,” a brand of “Ovalla” which is a compound word of “Oval” in the shape of an oval symbolizing infinity and “Bella” meaning beauty, is pursuing “sustainable beauty”. For the purpose of producing products based on health, Balance Monster Co., Ltd. focuses on producing products that are eco-friendly and certified as “Vegan”.

Balancing Monster Co., Ltd. is currently in export business with Japan, Singapore and Spain (expected to export) as countries with high demand for K-cosmetics such as the United States and China. In 2021, it will expand the market to the United States. In addition, Balance Monster Co., Ltd. announced that it has completed registration in the US Amazon Online Market, and its goal is to enter the US offline market through local partnerships.

Ovala currently produces a total of 7 products, including sun cream, foam cleanser, skin, lotion, serum and multi-lye oil. Ovala’s sunscreen is a product that not only blocks ultraviolet rays, but also blocks blue light, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Foam cleanser contains not only blue ginger called Lengkuas, but also 7 herbal extracts to moisturize and nourish, and fine bubbles help cleanse the face.

Skin, lotion, and serum contain large amounts of seaweed extract and centella asiatica extract to provide sufficient nutrition and moisture, and protect skin barriers. Multi-Dry Oil is a Vegan certified natural plant-derived multi-lye oil containing 7 types of vegetable fermented oil and patented ingredients. It can be used both on the face and the whole body, and it gently penetrates into the skin without being sticky.

Ovala brand pursues ‘sustainable beauty’ and conducts constant tests to provide suitable formulations and fragrances to many customers. Sustainability is achieved by using eco-friendly raw materials and packaging. Ovala is scheduled to launch a facial mist product in April-May. It is a spray type product that is sprayed after shaking the oil and skin. Ovala said, “Facial mist is a product that can be used lightly, indoors and out of the four seasons, and it is expected that there will be a lot of demand overseas.

Nano copper antibacterial mask, provided by △-Mamanas

▲ Mamanas Shows Organic Cotton 100% Cotton Mask and Nano Copper Antibacterial Mask Approved by the US FDA

Mamanas produces and sells baby underwear, cotton masks, cotton sanitary napkins and nanocopper antibacterial masks with internationally certified organic fabrics. The products produced are donated to single mothers and vulnerable groups, and are a preliminary social enterprise that contributes to job creation.

The organic cotton mask of Mamanas is made from pure cotton grown in soil that does not use chemical fertilizers. A 100% organic cotton product, it is a non-bleached, non-fluorescent, formaldehyde-free, and reusable eco-friendly mask. It blocks external contaminants and is a pure cotton material that does not cause skin irritation and can be used as a daily mask.

In addition, the nano-copper antibacterial mask has been approved by the US FDA and has completed a 99.9% antibacterial test. It is 100% domestically produced and can be hand washed, so it can be used multiple times. Ear band is comfortable for the ears, and it has an elasticity that stretches by 1~2cm.

An official of the Mamanas said, “We plan to make and sell environmentally friendly masks such as organic cotton masks, cold protection masks, and copper fiber antibacterial masks that can replace disposable masks.”

Shiny Pumpkin, △ Provided- FAU Co., Ltd

▲ FAU Co., Ltd. introduced ‘PUMPKIN LINE’ that regenerates skin and cares for the skin with nutrients from pumpkin extract.

FAU Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures and distributes only eco-friendly and harmless ingredients with the slogan of “bringing beauty with the right cosmetics”. It boasts high functionality and high efficacy that maximizes the effect of skin care by combining aesthetic skin care know-how and cutting-edge skin science technology. FAU Co., Ltd. is the No. 1 company in the field of aesthetics, and develops over 100 types of skin-improving cosmetics for professionals to provide the best solutions and know-how to improve the skin of customers.

FAU ‘s “PUMPKIN LINE” is traditionally developed in Korea based on the fact that it promotes the mother’s external health and cultivates a healthy physical strength. It is a product that intensively cares for skin regeneration and recovery based on the nutrients in various pumpkin extracts such as natural pumpkin enzymes, 17 kinds of vitamins, minerals, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. FAU Co., Ltd. said, “Our ‘Mask sheet’ is biodegradable, which is beneficial for environmental protection, and we are doing our best to minimize harmful ingredients.”
FAU Co., Ltd. is currently conducting research on scalp care products and hair functional products, and plans to produce prototypes in the field of scalp care. In addition, it is known that a kind of eco-friendly natural aroma oil is currently under development.

An official of FAU Co., Ltd. said, “Through this exhibition, we are expanding our sales network to a global brand through discovering new buyers.” He added, “We plan to expand on- and off-line platforms where anyone can easily experience home aesthetics at home with the highest-end functional products, and provide effective support to partners around the world with competitive marketing and strategies.”

Maskpack, △Provided-Equip for skin

▲Equip For Skin, introduces “Tripeptides” technology with more than 95% purity

Equip For Skin is an overseas export company that has been exporting medical equipment for plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery for over 15 years. Tripeptide ingredients developed by the domestic partner SupadElixir Co. Ltd. Binterin (anti-inflammatory), Synepin (EGF tripeptide), Syndermin (FGF tripeptide), Adiponin (Adiponectin tripeptide), Winhibin (whitening tripeptide) and active ingredients Roha is focusing on expanding overseas markets by exporting cosmetics and cosmeceutical products (Hahn’s Peptide, etc.).

Equip For Skin’s main business targets are cosmetics manufacturers and OEMs looking for new cosmetic ingredients. It is possible to produce and supply customized products for medical equipment manufacturers who want post-treatment products for equipment used for skin treatment such as lasers.

Equip For Skin’s “Tripeptides” are small signaling protein molecules that contain three amino acids and two peptide bonds. Some “tripeptide” molecules are synthesized naturally in the human body and are responsible for several important functions, such as improving cellular communication.

Biomimetic scientist and professor Dr. JH Hahn confirmed that there was no functional difference between 3-4 amino acid peptides (tripeptide or tetrapeptide) and 10-50 amino acid polypeptides, and invented many functional “tripeptides”. It can be used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes. In addition, it was proven to penetrate the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers in the skin permeability test.

‘Tripeptide’ with a purity of 95% or higher is a cosmetic ingredient that is very stable because there is no change in physical properties at 50°C (HPLC analysis), and has no cytotoxicity and skin sensitivity. ‘Tripeptide’, a signaling protein, can be used as a topical beauty ingredient to improve various skin conditions such as skin soothing, anti-inflammatory, skin barrier formation, skin regeneration, anti-aging, pigmentation, whitening and hair regrowth.

Supad Elixir’s Peptide (SE-Tripeptide™) is a human-derived peptide, developed as a low molecular weight material of 500 Da or less consisting of 3 to 5 amino acids bonds, and easily reaches the dermal layer with only application. Accordingly, unlike protein materials with a very low skin transmittance such as stem cell extract, it exhibits superior efficacy with high transmittance and is easy to use. In addition, Supad Elix’s peptide is a formulation that combines the advantages of small molecule compounds and proteins, and is highly effective, safe and convenient. It is a biomaterial that is easy to produce and store and has a remarkably high development success rate. It is Supad Elric’s proprietary material that can be developed as a functional cosmetic and new drug material.
Meanwhile, the ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition’ supported domestic companies’ overseas marketing in a non-face-to-face manner, and industrial chemical products (paints, adhesives, surfactants, MDI, Polybutene, polyols, catalysts, foaming agents , Additives, pipes, household plastics, additives, etc.) and cosmetics (sunblock, serum, ampoule, skin, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.). This year, about 270 companies participated and provided flagship products and services.
In particular, this exhibition supported 3D technology-based exhibition halls and booths, chemical product-specific content production, exhibition, and online marketing for overseas buyers.

Currently, most major industries such as electronics and automobiles are closely linked with the chemical industry as the center. In line with this, the Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association(KSCIA), the organizer, is helping domestic chemical companies advance overseas through various support such as export, research and analysis, technical standards, HDR support, and response to international agreements. This year, it aims to achieve exports of 330 million dollars in the chemical industry.