[K-chemicals 2021] Promising Domestic Chemical Companies Set Out to Strengthen Overseas Expansion through the ‘2021 K-Chemicals Cyber Exhibition’

Promising domestic chemical firms participated in the ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition’ held from March 22nd to 26th to prepare a foothold for their overseas expansion.

△Participating companies: Chempeople Co., Ltd., Innochemtech Co., Ltd., JMC Co., Ltd., MK Chemical Co., Ltd., Shammah Co.,Ltd., ANPOLY Inc., UBS INC Co., Ltd., Kellon Co., Ltd., Daeeun Industrial Co., Ltd., Bora Inc., Youngil Co., Ltd., Lucid Line Co., Ltd., UPL Company Co., Ltd., and Ilshin Wells Co., Ltd.,

▲ Chempeople Co., Ltd., Presents Functional Films including Anti-fog Function

Chempeople is a company that manufactures functional films based on chemical research, development, and production, and functional films include transfer film and anti-fog films. In the case of Chempeople, the anti-fog coating solution was first developed after receiving a request from China, the film was developed by directly coating the film because the unique performance cannot be 100% produced even if the same coating solution is used. The company also produces fiber-related transfer films. In the case of Chempeople, the coating solution is developed and produced directly, so the where the quality, stability, and response are excellent due to high understanding about the film production. The anti-fog performance and physical appearance are excellent. Chempeople is currently developing an anti-fog spray coating solution for consumers. The product is most likely to be used in bathrooms, for glass, car mirrors, interior glass, glasses, and water culture. An official of Chempeople said, “We participated in the exhibition because we wanted to actively export our excellent products.”

▲ Innochemtech Presents Ion Exchange Solution & Ion Exchange Membrane Capable of Manufacturing Cost-effectiveness

Innochemtech Co., Ltd., is a company that specializes in producing the best ion exchange materials, electrode materials, sensors, and hydrostatic sterilization systems based on long experience and know-how. The ion exchange solution of Innochemtech is a product based on the engineering polymer PPO (Polyphenylene Oxide) and fluorinated polymer. It is used for manufacturing ion exchange film, electrode coating, and MEA manufacturing. The ion exchange membrane is a thin film manufactured by roll-to-roll method of ion exchange solution, and Innochemtech manufactures PPO/flourinated, homogeneous/unhomogeneous and composite/ reinforced films. It can be used as a separation film for concentration or recovery of ions, desalination, water purification, fuel cells, flow cells, and concentration differential generation devices. Both products have highly economical manufacturing methods, and custom-made is possible depending on the customer.

An official of Innochemtech said, “We have developed a sterilizing water purifier that can economically manufacture sterilizing water and alkaline water from tap water by combining the current ion exchange membrane, electrode, and module technologies.” The product will be released for restaurants, homes, and industrial purposes for sterilization, dish washing and cleaning. The official also said about this exhibition, “Participation in exhibitions that report business around the world will help us promote products and technologies,” and also added, “We expect a lot of interest from companies, especially regarding water treatment, environment, and energy, that need our products.

JMC Co., Ltd., Presents Saccharin Products Made with the Best Saccharin Manufacturing Method

JMC Co., Ltd., (also known as Jeil Corporation) was founded in 1053 and became a member of the KISCO Group is 2004, taking a great part of the group. The main products that are produced include saccharin, sulfur precision chemical products, BCMB and SOP. Most of the products are manufactured in only Korea. Each product is used for food, dye, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor intermediate, and fertilizer and not for general consumption.

JMC’s saccharin is produced through R&F method, and it produces raw materials on its own contributing to the stability of product supply and also ensuring high quality. The R&F method is the oldest saccharin manufacturing method that was first developed in 1870 by Dr. Remsen and Falberg at Johns Hopkins University. The saccharin that was developed in this way is impurities-free. It also uses OTSA(Ortho-Toluenesulfonamide) as its raw material, which allows R&F method to produce much higher quality saccharin than other PA (Phthalic Anhydride), which is used by other manufacturers.

JMC officials said, “We participated in the exhibition to communicate with customers through various channels in accordance with the changing business environment of COVID-19”,” and also added, “We hope this will become an opportunity for us to promote our products to customers through untact sales.”

▲MK Chemical Introduces ‘High-Purity Hydrocarbon Refrigerant’ that can Reduce Energy by up to 10%

MK Chemical Co., Ltd., is a company that produces natural refrigerants under the motto of harmonization of well-being between the environment and people. The company manufactures high-purity hydrocarbon refrigerants that replace freon gas, the main cause of ozone depletion. The main product is R600a, a refrigerator refrigerant, which produces high-purity isobutane with 99.9% purity or higher through the world’s only adsorption separation process. LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Winia, and Panasonic supply to domestic and domestic home appliance companies. Also, the company develops DROP IN Alternative refrigerants such as R430A, which replaces the existing R12, R134a, and R431A which replaces R22, and obtains and supplies ASHRAE refrigerant number.

MK Chemical manufactures using adsorption separation process rather than the conventional distillation process. The natural refrigerant that is products by MK Chemical shows half-reduced charging amount compared to the existing refrigerant, and it reduces energy by up to 10%. It also does not destroy the ozone in the stratosphere at all. Furthermore, it is an alternative ‘Drop-in’ refrigerant that allows lubricants to be used without significant changes to existing refrigeration and air conditioning systems. An official of MK Chemicals said, “We will be introducing and supplying natural refrigerants through this exhibition to help ease global warming and project the ozone layer in the stratosphere by replacing the existing refrigerants.”

▲Shammah Co.,Ltd., Introduces “Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)” made of Ethanol extracted from Sugar Cane

Shammah Co.,Ltd., is a company that specializes in manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) based mainly on ethanol. Hand sanitizer is a main product produced by the company and meets the ethanol content recommended by WHO. It is a high-quality product that exceeds the standard of U.S. FDA approval. It has obtained ISO 9001 certification, and all products including hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer tissue, and alcohol swabs have been registered as U.S. FDA pharmaceutical products. With recognition of its products, the company’s product was selected as a Brand K that the Korean government granted to excellent products in May 2020. Furthermore, Shammah Co.,Ltd. said that the targets for sales and transaction businesses include medical institutions, nursing institutions, and sellers that deal with medical supplies.

Shammah’s hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of all common germs and pathogens within 15 seconds when used properly. Also, it contains not only natural ethanol, which is 72% and 83%, but also aloe moisturizer. Hand sanitizer tissues can be used to sanitize the hand, skin, and daily appliances. It is also a product that is highly useful for disinfection before and after the use of the equipment and for the back of pets. There is also a product called “Swab Alpha’ which contains 70% percent alcohol of isopropyl and “Clean Swab” containing ethanol (83%). It is used in medical institutions for pre-injection sterilization and used for simple disinfection of everyday items such as cellphone cleaners in daily life. Also, hand sanitizer and ethanol, the main ingredient of the swab, are nature-friendly materials extracted from sugar cane.

Officials of Shammah said, “We plan to subdivide existing disinfectant tissues into products that can be used for sterilization of furniture and appliances in infants, babies, hands and skin, home, school, and workplaces,” and added, “Also, we will be accelerating development of pads used for MRI scans. We set a goal to promote public health and focus on infectious disease management projects.”

▲ANPOLY Inc. Reveals Advanced Bio New Materials that Can Replace Plastics and Synthetic Polymers

ANPOLY Inc., was founded in 2017 at POSTECH Laboratory and develops advanced bio-new materials that can replace plastic and synthetic polymers. The company develops new nano-bio materials such as nanocellulose and nanochitin from organic waste resources such as rice chaffs and crab shells. The company also develops products to apply them to various industries such as medical, cosmetics, packaging materials, and environment.

ANPOLY officials stated, “Our main targets are companies that want to improve the quality of polymer-based products and global companies that seek sustainable environmental management,” and also added, “The materials we developed have excellent safety, physical and chemical properties and physiological properties.” Not only cosmetics companies but also medical devices and pharmaceutical companies are business targets can actively use the products for medical-biological materials such as cosmetics, hemostatic drugs, window sheaths, and shields.

ANPOLY has two types: Polycellu™ for strong and light bio-plastic, and Medicellu™ of safe medical material that can be inserted into the human body. It is a functional bio-additive product that can be biodegradable as well as transparent optical properties. Medicellu™ has excellent biological safety and can be biodegradable in the human body. Natural polymeric-derived biomaterials can be used for second-class medical devices such as window cladding and hemostatic dressing, shield that requires high biocompatibility and biocompatibility, and grade 3 and 4 medical devices such as implantable biomaterials.

ANPOLY officials said, “We are going to release biodegradable pellets for packaging materials in the second half of this year.” Thickness is 40 μm, and it is and thin and transparent. The elastic modulus and the tension strength are about 2 times stronger than LDPE (low-density polyethylene). We will be releasing air caps, zipper bags, and other applications from the pellet. It will then expand sustainable waste resource utilization model worldwide. Officials also said, “We are planning to expand sustainable waste resource utilization model globally. In addition, we want to meet and collaborate with various customers to create bio products with excellent performance and safety,” and added, “We will develop technology applying materials that are tailored to our customers and also make green chemical process technology platforms that are safe for use.”

▲UBS INC Co., Ltd., introduces of “Moolmang”, a filter brand with double filtration cartridge

UBS INC Co., Ltd., is a company that develops water treatment-related products such as ceramic balls, water purifier filters, shower filters, and shower heads that are applied to water purification filters. UBS INC’s brand “Moolmang” exports to 21 countries around the world. Moolmang acquired ISO 9001 quality management and domestic and overseas certification. In the case of the ceramic ball, it passed the safety test of U.S. FDA, and in the case of the shower filter, it received NSF/ANSI 177 and 372 for the first time in Korea. Also, shower heads and shower filters with vitamin filters have completed clinical trials that proved skin moisture improvement effect of more than 50%.

“Moolmang Vitafresh Advanced Shower Filter” used the dual filtration cartridge. In the case of the “Moolmang Vitafresh Advanced Shower Filter’, it is currently delivered to a leading hotel chain in Las Vegas. Also, shower products with vitamin filters have been certified to show more than 50% skin moisture improvement effect through clinical tests of the Korea Chemical Testing Institute. UBS INC Co., Ltd., is currently developing shower filters that efficiently remove chloramines and shower machines with enhanced dual filtration in existing showers. The company has also said that they are developing a direct water purifier that can be used at home and can also be easily installed and managed.

Furtherore, UBS INC’s official said, “We are fortunate to be able to promote our products through the online exhibition,” and added, “we hope to have discussions related to business with all the buyers interested in our product and hope that this online exhibition pays off.”

▲Kellon Co., Ltd., Reveals Thermal Heat-strengthening and UV/EB curing “Chemical Resin”

The main products of Kellon Co., Ltd., are chemical resins used for coating, adhesion, paints, inks, optics, PR, 3D printing, and BIO, and they allow UV/EB curing as well as thermal curing. Each resin is applied to semiconductors, LCDs, mobile phones, nail care, dental materials, automobiles, and furniture. Kellon’s products include STA series, which have high refractive index, the LK series, and the LEDA series that are sensitive to light. The company is also developing products focusing on water-based products and bio-products. Kellon officials stated, “We participated in the exhibition to meet customers and businesses around the world,” and added, “we want to introduce our Kellon brands and products to the overseas markets.”

▲ Daeeun Industrial Co., Ltd., Reveals ‘P.P Band” with High Tensile Strength and ‘P.E.T band’ that is Strong Against UV and Moisture

Daeeun Industrial Co., Ltd., is Korea’s largest manufacturer of P.P Bands, P.E.T Bands, and automatic packaging machines. The company has received positive reviews from customers with many years of accumulated experience, technology, and quality. The company also manufactures packaging straps and automatic packaging machines to reduce cost and manage quality by automating all production lines of the factory. Furthermore, the company currently exports products to the United States, New Zealand, and Mexico. P.P bands are economical because they have high tensile strength, high elongation, and long length. The P.E.T Band has both elasticity and tensile strength to enable rigid packaging and is resistant to UV rays and moisture, preventing risk of corrosion. It also does not stand out like steel bands, so it can be used safely, and the product’s protection capability is superior. The company succeeded in developing its own technology for the first time in Korea by researching and developing P.P Bands from water-based stretching process and heat-based stretching process.

Daeeun Industrial reduced wasting energy by improving their process through high-efficient manufacturing system, and the company also reduced energy waste, carbon dioxide generation, achieving both environmental protection and customer satisfaction through optimization of customer packaging system. In addition, the company’s plastic bands, P.P bands, and P.E.T bands are eco-friendly products that can be recycled. The chemical materials needed to produce them (composite resin P.P and P.E.T) are all local products, reusing waste resources when possible to reduce foreign currency. The company is taking the lead in protecting the environment by reducing energy waste and optimizing the packaging system of customers by improving their process, such as enabling eco-friendly manufacturing. The use of energy, such as power and coolants, were greatly reduced through simplification of the production line and improvement of processes, and continues to save energy by gathering heat emitted from machines during manufacturing and reusing them for heating or water for cleaning. Daeeun Industrial officials stated, “We are in search of exploring and pioneering the overseas market through activities such as expansion of sales, exploring overseas market, and participating in overseas exhibitions through global network,” and continued, “we participated in the exhibition to promote our products to more countries and regions around the world.”

▲Bora Inc. Reveals “Bora Waterless Urinal” to Reduce Water Conservation and Emission of Carbon Dioxide

Bora Waterless Urinal is an eco-friendly anhydrous toilet that can be used hygienically without just by cleaning routinely without using water. Bora Waterless Urinal saves 90 tons of water annually and reduces emission of carbon dioxide, reducing water bill sand energy consumption. Also, there are no special restrictions on cleaning management methods, which can reduce maintenance costs because there is no need to replace parts. Bora waterless Urinal is sold to public and multi-use facilities such as Daelim B&Co, government offices, public institutions, and schools. Bora Inc. is developing water-free urinal that can resolve the odor issues, using water-repellent coating technology.

▲Young il Co., Ltd., Reveals ‘Coating Agent’ with Rust Prevention and Heat Resistance along with ‘Lubricants” with Lubrication and Anti-Rust

Youngil Co., Ltd., is a company that specializes in development and production of chemical aerosol sprays. Representative products include coating agents for metal surface repair with rust prevention and heat resistance, lubricants with high lubrication and anti-corrosion resistance, other heterogeneous agents, cleaning agents, adhesive spray, and waterproof spray. The company also has business relationship with trade agencies. Youngil develops, manufactures, and sells products desired by customers and also products that meet the specification desired by the customer. The company will also launch a spray product for checking gas leaks on ships and waterproof spray. An official from Youngil said, “We are planning to actively target overseas markets by conducting overseas marketing,” and added “we plan to actively participate in the exhibition to introduce our products.”

▲Lucid Line Co., Ltd., Introduces ‘Kleant Glass Coat’. Just 3 Minutes for Coating the Car

Lucid Line’s main product is automotive coating chemical for inside and outside of a vehicle. Lucid Line officials stated, “We are selling online and offline in Korea and expanding our products to other countries. We also want dealers who can import and resell products in their own countries and customers who can make their own brands and sell them locally.” The quick solution ‘KLEANT GLASS COAT’ is a product that is designed to manage the appearance of cars conveniently and effectively. It can easily be nano-coated to achieve vehicle polishing and water-repellent effects. It can be coated quickly in just 3 to 5 minutes.

Clean the vehicle, spray the “Kleant Glass Coat” using the remaining moisture, and wash it with water to finish up. Lucid Line’s car polish and paint surface protection protect the vehicle’s exterior from rust, oil corrosion, bird droppings, acid rain, etc. It is also applicable to all surfaces, including automobiles, motorcycles, boats, wheels on metal, headlights, and windows. It is an all-in-one product with gloss, dirt-repellent, hydrophobic, water-repellent and water-resistant properties. Lucid Line officials said, “We also have interior cleaners and coatings that can be used inside the car and at home,” and added, “through this exhibition, we want a partnership to build good relationships and expand our business.”

▲UPL Company Co., Ltd., Introduces All-in-One Multifunctional Detergent using “One Sheet” that does not require Fabric Softeners

UPL Company Co., Ltd., is a company that specializes in manufacturing laundry detergents. The company produces innovative eco-friendly paper detergents to supplement and replace the issues of powder or liquid detergents, which are the mainstreams of the detergent market. In order to meet the needs of the consumers, the company has gone through many years of research and development to launch an ultra-high concentrated paper detergent called “One Sheet” that does not require weighing and can wash baby laundry as well.

The company is expanding their products not only in Korea but also around the world, including the U.S., China, Japan, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Under the motto of the company “Trust and satisfaction of the consumers”, the company provides differentiated products that can be used more comfortably and conveniently through continuous R&D. With “One Sheet”, overuse of detergents can be prevented. It is a laundry detergent with a smart new concept that can be used by tearing up the right amount like paper depending on the amount of laundry. It is a multi-functional detergent that can be used for all washable fibers as well as natural fibers such as wool and cotton, and can be finished with all-in-one without a fabric softener.

It is a nano-particle ultra-concentrated sheet-type neutral detergent that dissolves 100% even in cold water and breaks down various contamination and stains. It also passed REACH, European chemical management system, with washing water using vegetable ingredients. Also, no harmful substances such as heavy metals, fluorescent whitening agents, preservatives, and phosphates have been detected. It is a multi-functional detergent that prevents re-contamination, protects fiber, and protects the skin when washing hands, and it also acquired a patent certification for excellent washing power even in small amounts over 10 times compared to conventional detergents. An official from UPL Company said, “We hope to use the online exhibitions to enter the Hallyu Wave-preferring countries and solve entry barriers through localization of packages and composition of products at various prices, and added, “by the end of 2021, we expect to achieve a target of 3% shares of the domestic laundry detergent market and create and expand employment by increasing sales through increased exports.”

▲Ilshin Wells Co., Ltd., Introduces “Plasticizers” that will give flexibility to PVC plastic along with “Anti-fogging Agents” that prevent water droplet formation in PVC wraps/films

Ilshin Wells Co., Ltd., is a company that manufactures plasticizers and anti-fogging agents. All of Ilshin Wells products are manufactured based on vegetable oil and can be contacted with food. Ilshin Wells continues to expand exportation in the Korean market as well as other countries around the world. The target customers of Ilshin Wells is primary PVC plastic manufacturer or distributor in the field, and distributors in that cooperate with PVC material manufacturers. Also, India and China are the biggest exporters.

The company’s main products include eco-friendly plasticizers, anti-fogging agents, and antistatic agents, and all products are manufactured from vegetable oils such as palm oil and coconut oil. Plasticizers give PVC plastic flexibility, anti-fogging agents prevent water droplet formation in PVC wraps/films and also maintains transparency in the film. Antistatic agents are used to neutralize and dissipate electricity on plastic surfaces. The product is very safe compared to other products and is not toxic. Ilshin Wells stated that the company is working on slip agents, PO film coating agents, long-term agricultural anti-fogging agents, and modifiers, planning to commercialize them soon.

An official of Ilshin Wells said, “It is about finding new distributors and promoting our products world wide to the other markets,” and added, “We participated in this online exhibition to find a good partner for out products. We look forward to create new business relationship with manufacturers and distributors who need eco-friendly products for PVC plastic.”

Meanwhile, the ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition’ supported domestic companies’ overseas marketing in a non-face-to-face manner. It boasts the largest-scale in Korea for visitors to see industrial chemical products (paints, adhesives, surfactants, MDI, polybutene, polyols, catalysts, foaming agents, additives, household plastics, pipes, etc.) and cosmetics (sunblock, serum, ampoule, skin, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.). This year, about 270 companies participated and provided flagship products and services.

In particular, this exhibition supported 3D tech-based exhibition halls and booths, production and exhibition of chemical product-specific contents, and online marketing for overseas buyers. Currently, most major industries such as electronics and automobiles are closely intertwined with having the chemical industry in the center. In line with this, the Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA), which is the organizer, helps domestic chemical companies expand overseas through various support such as export, research and analysis, technical standards, HDR support, and response to international agreements. In 2021, KCSCIA aims to achieve exports of 330 million dollars in the chemical industry.