[K-chemicals 2021] Promising Domestic Chemical Companies Set Out to Strengthen Overseas Expansion through ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition’!

Promising domestic chemical companies presented their flagship lineup at ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber ​​Exhibition’ held from March 22nd to 26th to prepare a foothold for their overseas expansion.

△ Participants – FTC KOREA Co., Ltd., Wonchang Chemistry Co., Ltd., JC Works Co., Ltd., Quantum Co., Ltd., Sentech, DL FnC Co., Ltd., VOAS Tech Co., Ltd., WellPep Co., Ltd.

Anti-foaming agent / Blocked acid catalyst / Dispersing agen,
△Provided by – FTC KOREA

▲FTC KOREA, “Developing various additives including water-soluble dispersants considering environment-friendly”

FTC KOREA, a fine chemical company established in 1999, is engaged in 3 businesses in the paint, tire cord, and cosmetics industries. The main products manufactured are as follows. △Acid catalyst for paint, △Dispersant that improves dispersibility of pigments △Defoamer that prevents bubble generation △Leveling agent that improves the surface of paint △Adhesion enhancer that improves adhesion between material and coating △Flow inhibitor that prevents flow during painting and Adhesive for tire cord used to bond synthetic fibers and rubber in tires △ Cosmetic preservatives that inhibit microbial growth in cosmetics, etc.

An official from FTC KOREA said, “We account for the the largest share in the domestic paint catalyst market and continue to expand our market share not only in Korea but also in the world.” He continued, “We supply products to major global companies around the world, such as in the United States, Australia, Japan, China, and Vietnam.” Regarding the future plans, he said, “We are developing various types of additives such as water-soluble dispersants considering environment-friendly. We are also planning to develop tin-free catalysts such as bismuth and release acrylic and polyester resins for paints soon.”

HDPE recycling pellet, △ Provided by Wonchang Chemicals Co., Ltd.

▲Wonchang Chemistry Co., Ltd., introduced HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) recycling pellets

Wonchang Chemistry Co., Ltd. was established as a plastic film manufacturing company in 2005 and has been supplying raw materials while expanding its business in 2017. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) recycled pellet is its flagship product. Wonchang Chemistry’s official said, “HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) recycled pellets are produced from scraps of tent paper. They can be used as a material for industrial pipes such as water pipes and drain pipes.”

Deep Black, △ Provided by JC Works

▲ JC Works Co.,Ltd. , introduces products of Glossbro that are harmless to the human body

JC Works Co., Ltd. has 24 types of self-care products and a product line to be used both inside and outside of vehicles. Glossbro’s products are harmless to humans, made using the highest quality cosmetic product grade ingredients, and the company develops various product lines that can cover the entire self-car care category. JC Works is planning to release a professional line for vehicle glass film coating, and it plans to release product lines using graphene. In addition, it aims to pioneer the US market and export products to many countries and companies. An official from JC Works Co., Ltd. said, “We wanted to participate in the exhibition to promote our brand and inform many consumers of the excellence of our products. We also aim to raise awarenes of our products to the world market and export.”

Natural Golden Silk Sericin Bar Soap, △ Provided by Quantum Co., Ltd.

▲Quantum Co., Ltd., introduced natural cosmetics brand and natural health mask brand

Natural Golden Silk Sericin Cosmetics is a premium vegan cosmetic product with more than 50% of 19 proteins contained in sericin, a pure protein ingredient needed by the skin. Since they use the original ingredients that silkworms have, these products are based on natural moisturizing factors. In addition, they are effective in skin regeneration, UV protection, anti-aging, antioxidant action, whitening, skin elasticity, antibacterial action, anti-inflammatory action, relief of skin itching, relief of skin problems such as acne, pore reduction, and hair growth.

Natural Golden Silk Medisilk Health Mask is a biodegradable vegan product using 100% natural raw silk sheets. The raw silk sheet blocks the virus that accompanies saliva, which is natural bio-protecting. The product is easy to breathe through when worn and can block UV rays, waterproof, and reuse. In addition, Quantum Co., Ltd. plans to develop feminine hygiene menstrual pads and baby diapers using natural raw silk sheets. An official from Quantum Co., Ltd. said, “We have participated in the exhibition to discover our exclusive distributors and to pioneer the global market. With natural silk materials, we hope to help prevent environmental pollution and global warming along with human health and industrial development.”

▲Sentech introduces a ‘high pressure rubber hose’ with abrasion resistance and ozone resistance

With abrasion and ozone resistance, Sentech’s high-pressure rubber hose has less cracking and deformation of the cover even in the external environment under adverse conditions. The hose also shows high performance as it uses high-quality high-tensile steel wire. In addition, Sentech has a rubber material factory which makes it price-competitive and enables manufacturing of products that meet customer needs. Sentech has developed a
hybrid hose with a small bend radius and low pressure performance in the cover and a net pressure hose for heavy truck brake hoses that can be used at high temperatures using a special synthetic yarn. In addition, the company is developing a tough cover product that have higher abrasion resistance than the existing 100R12 product, so the new product can be used without damaging the cover even in adverse conditions. A Sentech official said, “We plan to introduce our products overseas to promote and sell them” through this exhibition.

BOPP Film, △ Provided by DL FnC Co., Ltd.

▲DL FnC Co., Ltd., unveiled BOPP special coating film

DL FnC is a plastics processing company under the DL Group. It is engaged in the BOPP (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene), EVA, and coating solutions businesses, producing differentiated high value-added products through 5-layer facilities. DL FnC’s BOPP products boast transparent colors and excellent printability, so they can be used in various fields including packaging and printing. The company can also produce various high-functional and mass-produce products such as anti-fog, white, scratch-resistant, and permanent anti-static products. DL FnC’s own EVA coating facility enables quick delivery of products demanded by customers through unified production from BOPP film to EVA coating. DL FnC provides special coating solutions tailored to the various needs and printing conditions of customers. In addition, the company has been recognized for its technology and quality in special coatings such as scratch-resistant films, soft-fill films, and films for digital printing, through exports to the European and North American markets for the past several years.

DL FnC is striving to develop products required by the times in the future such as antibacterial films and barrier films, in order to realize the vision of customer satisfaction and social contribution. In addition, the company is putting effort to develop PP single-material film for social contribution related to recycling of plastics, and it is also promoting product development to secure the barrier performance required in the packaging film field. An official from DL FnC said, “We want to increase exports through non-face-to-face overseas marketing, and to publicize our company and products to not only existing overseas customers but also to many prominent customers. We plan to manufacture and possess high-functional products that can overcome the limitations of materials and unify materials for recycling.”

Any Fresh, △ Provided by VOAS Tech

▲VOAS Tech Co., Ltd. , introduced natural mineral deodorant ‘Annayong’ and ‘AniFresh’

VOAS Tech Co., Ltd. develops cosmetics using illite and launches and sells Dr. Lite brand. After capturing a problem in the existing deodorizer using chemical raw materials and the deodorant made for fragrance purpose, it has developed cosmetics and deodorants by focusing on the characteristics of the raw material and by signing an exclusive supply contract with the raw material company that develops illite extract. It also announced its plans to prepare for the 5th industrial revolution and the era of the environment by making eco-friendly home appliances incorporating IoT technology. VOAS Tech said for sales and trading business, it targets large retailers (household goods) in the United States and Vietnam and companies with their own brands such as Shinsegae International.

VOAS Tech’s ‘Annayong’ and ‘Any fresh Deodorant’ have no secondary odor, because their fragrant rose scent or cypress scent appearing at the same time as they are sprayed disappear with the odor. These are natural mineral deodorants based on illite extract and made with only 4 ingredients, so they are excellent in removing the smell of pet toilets. Etiquette deodorant (150ml Annayong) removes the smell of others and ammonia in public toilets, and its ultrafine dust adsorption and extinction function improve air quality on days with heavy fine dust. VOAS Tech announced its plans to release 50mL portable Eau De Toilette Illite Perfume Deodorant in May in three flavors. An official from VOAS Tech said, “We have participated in this exhibition to actively target the overseas market through product excellence and cooperation by publicly trusted organizations through non-face-to-face promotion. We are actively responding to environmental pollution by widely spreading high-quality domestic ilite extract technology, along with the high reputation of K-quarantine. We are continuing R&D as well to promote healthy life for the planet and humans. In the future, we aim to produce a prototype of the latest patented disinfectant and sterilization humidifier in 2021 and plan to make a refined filter using illite and activated carbon and apply it in our products.”

Peptide-specialized cosmetics brand 44U
△ Provided by WellPep Co., Ltd.

▲WellPep Co., Ltd, introduced bio-friendly peptide material cosmetics

Established in 2018, WellPep Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and developing peptide materials for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics using its own peptide manufacturing technology and quality competitiveness. Peptides, which are biocompatible materials, are the smallest functional unit of protein and are used in a variety of fields ranging from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics due to their excellent efficacy and low side effects. Presently, WellPep is developing and commercializing SPT (Skin-Penetrating Technology) technology.

With a research team specializing in peptides, WellPep has built an organic human and physical infrastructure for peptide manufacturing and material development. The company shared that it is devoting all its resources into securing its own technology through long-term and active R&D investments and unique growth strategies based on peptides. WellPep’s sales and trading business targets include cosmetic manufacturers, cosmetic ingredient distributors, universities and research institutes, and bio and pharmaceutical companies.

WellPep has 28 cosmetic peptides for research and customization. In addition, it develops a peptide cosmetic material that meets customer needs using a bio-friendly peptide material that is involved in signal transmission and function regulation in vivo. WellPep said that it is putting effort to grow into the best company in the field of peptide skin care in South Korea, by launching a peptide specialized cosmetic brand (44U).

WellPep provides high-priced peptide skincare products at reasonable prices by rapidly synthesizing peptides and shortening purification time. ‘Cafe Oil Tetrapeptide-1K’, which it successfully developed, was reported to the Korea Cosmetics Association as a skin soothing peptide using oysters and spirulina. Moroever, the soothing effect was verified in the “Sensitive Skin Irritation Test at the Korea Dermatology Research Institute” and the “Evaluation on the Effect of Soothing Skin Damaged by UV Rays.” WellPep announced that it plans to release cosmetic peptides based on the Skin-Penetrating Peptide (SPP) platform, anti-inflammatory peptides derived from marine organisms, and peptides for removing fine dust adsorption and improving skin damage. The Skin Penetrating Peptide (SPP) platform is a target existing inside the skin tissue unit cells and delivers the active ingredient peptide using a new Skin Penetrating Peptide (SPP). It is applied to various treatments for curing skin diseases (atopy, psoriasis, etc.), facial muscle paralysis, eye disease (dry eye syndrome, etc.), and hair loss.

Meanwhile, the ‘2021 K-chemicals Cyber Exhibition’ supported domestic companies’ overseas marketing in a non-face-to-face manner. It boasts the largest-scale in Korea for visitors to see industrial chemical products (paints, adhesives, surfactants, MDI, polybutene, polyols, catalysts, foaming agents, additives, household plastics, pipes, etc.) and cosmetics (sunblock, serum, ampoule, skin, lotion, shampoo, mask pack, etc.). This year, about 270 companies participated and provided flagship products and services.

In particular, this exhibition supported 3D tech-based exhibition halls and booths, production and exhibition of chemical product-specific contents, and online marketing for overseas buyers. Currently, most major industries such as electronics and automobiles are closely intertwined with having the chemical industry in the center. In line with this, the Korea Specialty Chemical Industry Association (KSCIA), which is the organizer, helps domestic chemical companies expand overseas through various support such as export, research and analysis, technical standards, HDR support, and response to international agreements. In 2021, KCSCIA aims to achieve exports of 330 million dollars in the chemical industry.